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MY STORY & Seeking Guidance to Access My Taino Ancestors

Hello Family,  I'm very emotional right now and don't know how even to begin explaining the phenomenons that have occurred in my life that…

Started by Angela M Rosado Figueroa

3 Apr 22, 2023
Reply by Sunna Chesney

Medicine Wheel questions

1- Do Caney Circle teachings assign a season to the four direction? 2- Other teachings start their medicine wheel in the east (I assume be…

Started by Nelson Kaoamarix Zayas

2 Nov 29, 2022
Reply by Gianna Rivera

Achiano, Koromo, Rakuno, Sobaico

Caney Circle's medicine wheel lists these as spirits who bear the name of that direction's respective star. Trying to figure out if Achiano…

Started by Nelson Kaoamarix Zayas

10 Apr 26, 2022
Reply by Michelle Inarú Ropará

Are we really polytheistic?

Hello all! I am new to learning Taino spirituality and I'm questioning if we are really polytheistic. Growing up in Boriken that's what I l…

Started by Rita Ramos

10 Dec 30, 2021
Reply by Aonbo

The wisdom of the South ( Earth )

The wisdom of the South ( Earth ) Almost every culture uses the four Directions or Cardinal points directly or indirectly - The Taino Dir…

Started by Edgar Rodriguez(Kunuku Ceiba)

2 Dec 22, 2015
Reply by Nelson Kaoamarix Zayas

Modern Practices of Taino spirituality

Hello, my name is Liliana, I am a Puerto Rico native living in Europe and I am currently studying and learning about The Goddess. Reading a…

Started by Liliana

2 Nov 10, 2015
Reply by David Aponte Resto

Pleiades Dance?

Is anyone aware of a ritual ceremony in Taino culture involving  the Pleiades dance, which involves a mock fight between men and women, fol…

Started by Nelson Kaoamarix Zayas

14 Feb 27, 2015
Reply by Nelson Kaoamarix Zayas

Looking for article

Does anyone have a copy of "Astronomy in Taino Mythology" by Sebatian Robiou-Lamarche Archaeoastronomy 7 (1-4);110-115 ?

Started by Nelson Kaoamarix Zayas

20 Feb 3, 2015
Reply by Joanna 'Aya' Soto-Avilés

Autumnal Equinox Ceremony

Is anyone aware of any Fall Equinox ceremonies occurring in NY (preferably upstate NY)

Started by Nelson Kaoamarix Zayas

5 Sep 7, 2014
Reply by Amanda Dalmas


I am looking for more resources on Taino sweat lodges. One source told me that sweating is not a Taino practice. I did find some informatio…

Started by Nelson Kaoamarix Zayas

5 Aug 20, 2014
Reply by Jeffry Mucaro Blake Johnson


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