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Hi everyone. I just joined and thought I would introduce myself. You can read some about me on my profile, but I thought I would point out the two main sites I work on in terms of indigenous peoples.

Indigenous Peoples Issues Today is a site I run that tries and covers key issues affecting indigenous peoples.

Indigenous Peoples Issues & Resources is the other site, which is geared towards providing resources and information to help indigenous peoples or those working with indigenous peoples.

I'm always looking for suggestions or contributors to either site. If any of you would like to contribute and help build awareness of issues impacting indigenous peoples, let me know.

I look forward to contributing and growing this network.

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Thanks Peter, I will in fact add the RSS to your blog on the front page. Feel free to repost items in your blog on your member page too, but let me know if you decide to do that and I can then switch the front page feed.
I spoke too soon! This network sometimes has a problem capturing external feeds, for reasons unknown to me. Let me know if you set up an internal blog on this network -- that feed will certainly work and I can feature it on the front page.
I just set up the RSS feed. I'm not sure if I did it right, so we will see if it comes through. Otherwise, it is here:

Thanks for the welcome!
Thanks. It worked with the new "widget" I installed on the front page. Let me know if you find any problem with it.



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