Seneca Creation Story

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Licence for song Vasija De Barro

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Cremation in Taino culture #1

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I am looking for any resources, especially photos/descriptions of the type of looms the Tainos would have used. The only name I have come across so far is called an Arawak Loom, but I can't seem to find any info on it. Thanks in advance, Kauamarix

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Takaji Datiao,

i viewed the photos of your loom. It looks great! Will you be posting images of the naguas as you weave them? I used to own a 36 inch floor loom but sold it about 10 years ago because I was moving, so I have some experience with weaving. I am interested in your posts. Thank you for sharing.

Bibi Tenanche

Bibi Tenanche, I will post as I complete works. B matum for your interest. Kauamarix

Headband completed. It is reversible (blue on white/white on blue). Part of my Cohoba Journey series, called Guabamcex.



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