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What are your thoughts on federal recognition for the Taino people?

Why is this important or unimportant? What do you expect it to add to the Taino Nation as a whole?

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Hi there.  I'm going to message you.


I meant no disrespect as I was not addressing you or your identity. I was providing my opinion on the question of formal recognition.

Given the generations of colonialism and assimilation by the Spanish and the United States, my lens leans more critical of colonial systems. I wasn’t being critical towards you at all.

I grieve for the loss of our Boriken.
I grieve for the loss of my ancestors’ traditions in PR and the diaspora.

I have always walked with my elders, ancestors, the land, and my animal relatives. I continue to walk with curiosity and openness and hope we can walk together.

I totally agree with you on the subject of United States federal recognition. I also agree with you on the subject of colonialism. My objection, as I mentioned already, was your off-the-cuff comment on the nature of the word "Taíno". I think you should be more thoughtful about how you phrase such statements because, although there is currently a kind of new fad of identifying that word as a colonial invention, there is also an equally strong push-back to that fad. That word is sacred to us and we don't take kindly to off-the-cuff comments about it. These comments are offensive.

Ta'kahi Itia'no [Greetings Family/Relatives],

Praying this message finds you in good health and good spirit.

I would like to share with you, humbly and respectfully, the fact that Borikén and our Ancestors' Traditions are not completely lost. There are still people here in Borikén who continue to resist the myth of our extinction and are working hard to continue living according to our Ancestors' Culture and Traditions, and to protect our beloved Borikén and all of Mother Earth.

While we may grieve for the many terrible things endured by our Ancestors and our beloved Borikén, we choose to channel that energy into working to conserve, maintain, and promote our Culture, Existence, and Traditions. We work towards overcoming, surviving, and thriving, not only in Borikén but also throughout the Caribbean, the Diaspora, and the World and Universe.

Much of what we do here in Borikén does not appear in the news and/or social media. However, this does not mean that we do not exist and that we are doing nothing.

It has taken hundreds of years of abuse, assimilation, colonization, exploitation, genocide, and murder to get to where we are today, and it still continues to this day, so it will take just as much time and more to undo the damage caused by colonization, fear, greed, hate, and selfishness, but we do it not just for ourselves but for future generations and the good of all. We cannot rely on the colonizer to help de-colonize and re-indigenize. It is up to each and every one of us who identifies as Boricua Aboriginal/Indigenous/First Peoples/Original Peoples/Taíno/etc. to work together for the good of our Peoples, the Lands, and all Creation. We are the Warriors we have been waiting for. We need to help each other and ourselves to Create the Reality we and our Ancestors have prayed for. We need to first change Ourselves, and then our Families, then our Communities, then our Nations and the World.

We need to Remember that Spirit is Eternal. We Are All One... One Spirit, One Family, One Creation. We need to think beyond ourselves and the delusions and illusions of this "dominant" society (the matrix) we find ourselves in, and see it as a school where we can learn to develop a 360-degree, multi-dimensional perspective on everything, and grow in True and Unconditional Love.

Once we Educate ourselves and each other, Learn, and Understand each other's perspective with an Open Mind, we can grow in Compassion, Generosity, Humility, Kindness, Love, and Wisdom, so we can make Good Decisions, and take Appropriate Actions that will Benefit All of Us and All of Creation.

Change may come slowly (too slowly in the opinions of many), but we are in this for the long run, for a lasting change and evolution, one step at a time.

Gu'ansihi Bui, Itia'no [We Love You, Family]... 😘💕❤️️

May the Creator Great Spirit, YaYa, and the Ancestors Bless, Guide, Heal, Nurture, Protect, Strengthen, and Sustain us all, now and always... ✨💖🔥

Seneko Kakona, guaboka kena iméguabo
[Abundant Blessings, now and always]... ✨💖🙏🌟

I love it <3 <3

Han Han katu


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