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Is there a set way that we or our ancestors gifted our scared Tobacco. I had a dream once where a leaf was bound with a type of white string. But does not know if that coincides with tradition. Hahom

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I can only share what I know and I`am sure there are other Taino here that will educate you about your dreaming experience, but to my knowledge and teachings is that Tabacco is used for many reasons. We use tobacco to offer to the spirits during prayers, we use it to protect our door ways if we want to keep windows open whilst sleeping and also make tobacco ties to hang over our beds to protect our dreams. Another purpose is to sprinkle the tobacco onto dead relatives [animals] we find out on the road or in woods etc to show respect to our relatives, we share a prayer through our love and upmost respect to them and then cover them with leaves and twigs. These are just a few things I was taught but I know there are so many different ways and teachings from many other cultures and individuals of the Taino. 

Bo Matum for this. Seneka Kakona



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