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Los Haitises is a national park is a special, sacred forest in the northeastern part of the Dominican Republic. Its a unique carstic rock formation covered with lush humid tropical forest. Within the area there are hundreds if not thousands of caves that our ancestors used as dwelling and ceremial sites. The amount of pictographs there are unparalleled else where. The moisture rich easterly winds flow into this area from the Atlantic ocean and condense in the lush forest atop the mogotes. Haiti means land of many mountains, so the name Haitises suits the area of thousands of small coral stone mountains(mogotes). The area sorrounding the park is littered with unexplored caves and has been badly deforested of its precious hard woods of Caoba and Ceibas. Within this area is the famous cave of Gumercindo, an unprotected cave filled with Taino petrogliphs and pictographs.
Recently the Executive government and the ministry of environment authorized the lease of thousands of acres and the permit to build a huge cement plant there. This violates many laws and rights of local peoples. Environmental impact studies of the area warn against the damanges to the local ecosystems this would cause. The area has one of the highest amounts of rains in the whole region. It feeds aquifers that run hundreds of miles and provide water to about 2 million people. The extraction of materials will no doubt disrupt the caves and the blasting with dynamite will surely collapse many of them including the Gumersindo cave.
We are facing a power struggle with very influential people and the corruption of our government officilas to preserve whats rightfully ours. We deserve to preserve and study these sacred sites and forests. We must protect our ecological treassure with one of the highest endenisims in the world and representative of our flora and fauna. The Tainos cherished and respected this region and so should we. Also near by is the town where the rebels of the Guarocuya(Enriquillo) rebellion lived out the rest of their lives after forcing the king of Spain to sign the first treaty of peace with our people.

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My dear Friend I'm from the other part of the Island and I can feel your pain - on my side they have not any respect either- I think that we are having a problem on each side of the Island (identity that is): On mine they mainly think thay are mainly back from Africa and on your side from Spain- This is why they show no respect for those sites . but We all know the significance of our ancestors as indigenous .I would be glad to do a survey on both side to see how many would claim their attach to Taino ancestry-


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