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To know yourself and have clear understanding of what you are doing requires, to unravel the way one must travel the Guaiko!

I was always reminded throughout my training to follow the medicine wheel very closely. I always mention the guaiko is the first place to start. It has all the foundation of our teachings and without those teachings a person can become very confused.

When times in my own life or someone who might come for clarity in their life, I always go to the Guaiko, it brings the knowledge.

Example - A brother consults he is short tempered and impatient, I take them to the south and help them to have understanding, patience. We can then go to the west and look within, without causing a person guilt on themselves.

I look at the emotion, the temperament and this tells me what part of the circle to visit.

I still feel Casibaiagua (bat) is in the 5th direction as this is the hanging road to our relatives. The bat is elusive and this is a significant direction in terms of going to Koabey, I do not think this concept would have been shared openly. The dream time has many teachings.

Bo Matum Miguel - Urayoel

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