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Hello everyone. I just wanted to introduce myself and say thank you for putting this website back online!!
I do not have any Taino blood in my veins, I hope that is OK.
My interests in this site is to educate myself in all things Taino as I am fascinated by the folklore that has been told to me while living in the Dominican Republic.
One day I would like to incorporate a Taino living museum on my property to educate those who are interested about learning the history of this area/ island, the culture of days past, the building techniques and agriculture/ use of medicinal plants.
Perhaps someone can give me some advise or even help me in this matter.

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Dear Friend Eden
I feel it is wonderful that there are non-Tainos who are interested enough in our culture to wish to belong to this site. In behalf of the administration I want to welcome you here and look forward to much input from you in our exchanges.
Welcome Eden!

Glad to see you here :) I think it's awesome that you are interested in the Taino culture. Having lived in the Dominican Republic you have experiences and knowledge that many who are Taino do not have. I look forward to reading the posts on what was shared with you while living there.

Your idea of a living museum sounds interesting... do you still live on the island? You might get local folks who'd be interested involved. :)
Thanks for the welcome NFA and Nanu!
Yes, I am still on the island of Hispaniola.
I am building a horse farm and offering natural horsemanship training lessons to equestrian students, volunteers and people who want a retreat.
Since living on this island I have become to be fascinated by the Taino culture/ arts/ healing and medicinal knowledge of the native plants (some of which I have here already naturally) and would like to somehow/ someday start up a living museum on the property.
Since the horse project has been a great start-up project and doing well we have had many guests stay here in our one little guest cottage. Most guests are from abroad (all over the world) and each one has expressed interest in learning more of this islands history and its peoples.
Since there is no real demand (I don't understand why??) for the mass population of the Dominicans to get educated about the land they now occupy I am bouncing the idea around to get something started.
Currently, I am building an additional 3 more cottages to keep up with the demand of the visitors who come here at the horse farm and growing mass organic gardens full of vegetables and local tropical plants. We also teach the guests about organic gardening and permaculture, so having a living museum here would greatly compliment everything that we are doing now.
Just recently there has been rumors about a pyramid find just a few properties down from me. This has been speculation and as it looks today it may not be authentic. Gossip among the locals say that it is a Taino pyramid. Others say it has to be Mayan. One other says there are caves and galleries under all the land that is up here????
This news has enhanced my fascination and has lead me to believe that this would be a good project for me to start on the farm.
I would need some well educated people here to help. Tainos would be the best but I have no knowledge of any around. Some Dominicans claim they have Taino blood but this is just talk so far (I am sure there are some out there).
One of the trees here on the property is the tree that the seeds were used for cohoba. This too fascinates me, for it was a very serious matter (ritual) back in the days.
So, as I continue to build I will be able to offer housing at a very reasonable rate for those who would like to come here and help me out on this project.
First I have to build the cottages :)
How can I post a few photos here?


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