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Hola, I have been absent for so long, depression hit me like a rock but I am slowly healing.  I have tried several mediums to get me out of the dark and found a passion with shrink art.  Has anyone tried this?  It's amazing to see it in it's full splendor and then slowly become warped and then settle down to a small replica of my deigns.  I always use some type of symbol that is indigenous to Puerto Rico.  The shrink art medium is new to me, most of my art designs flank bricks for door stoppers and for book ends.  I believe in being practical and look for items that can be re-purposed.  I too plan on putting my hand-print on jewelry this summer, I am amazed with anything that is related to creativity.     

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Sister....Please know that we the behikes and bohitius of the Caney Circle are here to serve you whenever you are going through a tough time. Depression can be such a debilitating force in a person's life and the person should consider the power of spirit to provide a possible solution, or at least some support. Don't hesitate to reach out to us here at the Caney Circle. This is what we do. We are available through any of various media, personal message either in-box here in this network or at our e-mail address Or if you want to chat on the phone we are available at certain times on certain days by video chat on Skype or on the phone at 412 969 4009. Let us know.


I love what you are doing here with these images. Please share many many more!


Thank you for those kind words.  I have had much support from my family and friends, my depression is selfish, I lost my mother, my companion, I would come home expecting to hear her voice along with the aroma of coffee filtering the house.  Mom lived with me for several years but before that I took care of her in her home where she felt the most comfortable.  After she passed away, we held the monthly "Rosario" in my home and that helped me understand how she is no longer in pain.  I feel her absence but I am at peace with it.  

I had a hard time getting back into my artwork since her death.  In the past, whenever I would become obsessed with an art project, coffee would automatically appear she would know when I needed a break with no words having to have been spoken.  Slowly I am getting back into it. I have two very close friends that have been with me through thick and thin, they are true Bohiques to me and carried me through the storm.  

However, I appreciate your offer of support and will keep your information close at hand should the need arise. Thank you...... 

Its an honor to have you here and I look forward to your future creations....Many Many blessings to you.



Lovely work..



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