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Licence for song Vasija De Barro

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Cremation in Taino culture #1

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click on the link below to listen to the song


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This is beautiful! This is the first time that I am hearing this song. I feel like crying when I heard it. It spoke directly to my soul.

Thank you Erica. We in the Caney Indigenous Spiritual Circle have been singing this song at ceremonies celebrated pretty much every month for almost 40 years. By the way, this song was heard by a German children's' musician called Pit Bude in 1991 and his band released their version of it in Germany as an environmental children's tune honoring Mother Earth with both Taino and German lyrics. It became a hit there and a number of Europeans have posted their own versions of the song on Youtube. This is us singing the song during a ceremony in 1991. This is Pit Bude and his band Karibuni during a public performance in Germany. The song is so popular there that many people  like to play their version of it online. These other videos are versions of the song posted on Youtube by random Europeans in Germany and Russia. Link Link Link Link


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