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I've been thinking about this for years. Where do we fit in? It seems like we are constantly fighting to prove that the Taino exists. We are not a federally recognized I right? I've read that this has something to do with the fact that there is no treaty/ no reservations/ and the belief that we are extinct. Do we have nations/ tribes? Are we considered Native American? Boriken has such a long and complicated history with the United States where do we fit in when we are a commonwealth of it? I only ever hear of Native American, Alaskan Native and Canadian Natives..where are we? I feel so invisible. What do others think/ have to say? Thanks for reading my little rant.

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We aren't a federallly recognized tribe as other North American Indians. If you were to look at the Congressional Record found  on the UCTP site, you'll find there is recognition of our existence. Our ancestors were sent to the Carlisle Indian School in Carlisle Pennsylvania to be civilized. This indicates a recognition of Native Americans in Boriken, part of the issue is the American government not wanting  to extend the possible financial benefits seized by the US Army from the Spanish Crown when the fictious Spanish- American War was contrived by the US government.

As a people we need to recognize who we are first (self-identity); tribal enrollment and presented to the  US governmental agency- we aren't the only nation in this situation; we need to decide whether we are Taino and not present ourselves as another group; we need to acknowledge our similarities with our fellow relatives- this means we need to focus on our spirituality and own it as part of our nature and heritage with no comparisons to other Indigenous cultures and accept our reality. It's a struggle within ourselves that can only be addressed by us.

Oma'bahari and Seneko Kakona,

Dr.Xochitl AnaO Quinones del Valle, Beike in the Caney Spiritual Circle.

Takaji Beike Xochitl (or is it Beike Quinones del Valle? Please let me know how I should address you properly).

Bo'matum for your response. I appreciate it. I totally agree with you on recognizing ourselves first. I have been deep in my spiritual work and even deeper in the last year. It is so important, grounding, connecting and centering. From your response I gather that we ARE considered Native American. I've always thought so but I've hear arguments against. I'd love to have better language around how to discuss. Any tips? 

I feel very blessed to be on this network. It has helped me along my growth. I appreciate the opportunity to post opinions and ask questions I've pondered over. 

Seneko Kakona!!

I admire your post so much, I am from the UK. My father is Jamaican and my mother Is English. My ancestors are from  Jamaica, and  are Taino blood related. But I never knew so much about my ancestors which is why I am here now, and believe me I feel so much at home. And would love to know so much about my Fathers bloodline as it runs through mine.  To have recognition of our existence is something much deeper- so good and I am so happy to be connected here.


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