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Seneca Creation Story

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Licence for song Vasija De Barro

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A free sheet music website is distributing the written musical score to our Atabei chant under the name TAINO TEE which is a miss spelling of the first two words of the song's lyrics. The website is advertising our song as a "traditional Venezuelan" tune, presumably because it was originally promoted as a traditional "Arawak" chant by the German childrens music promoter Pit Budde, who was the first musician to copy and release a version of the song without our permission and without giving us credit for it. Remember that there are Arawakan tribal nations in Venezuela.  The sheet music website is called 

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Update to this post...On November 17 2020 I was informed by the composer who created this arrangement of my song on the website 8notes dot com that he had taken the appropriate action to give me credit for the authorship of this song. I thanked him and praised him for his prompt action.


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