Seneca Creation Story

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Licence for song Vasija De Barro

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Cremation in Taino culture #1

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Turabo Taino Indian Nation - Searching for extended family

Taiguey everyone!

Shortly we will be posting surnames of extended and close family members that we are looking for. Our intent is to gather our families together for an areito in Boriken. Decades of exodus from the island have caused us to lose touch with many of our family member. Together we are strong! We have a lot of things going on back home and in the states- stay tuned for more or keep in touch through our sites.

We just recently came back from being honored and invited to the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast where we gained incredible support from several First Nation chiefs as well as federal government officials for our future efforts concerning our family legacy for future generations. Check out our facebook page for pictures of this event and more.

Check out our main website
Turabo Taino Indian Nation

Taino Indian Nation Facebook

Seneco Kakona to all the those yucayekes preserving and living the Taino way.


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