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I am enrolled in a course this term which requires I interview spiritual leaders. If you are interested, please contact me by email I have included the questions below for you to review. If there are any questions you prefer not to answer, or prefer I NOT share with others, please let me know. My time frame is 4 weeks, so that I may have time to do my own write up. Thank you in advance for your assistance to my education. p&l~c

Interview Questions for Spirit & Nature: Environmental Concerns

How would you characterize the distinction between stewardship rather than dominion of the Earth?
Do you associate this terminology with Judeo-Christianity?
What groups & entities should be considered in preserving & protecting an ordinary (neighborhood) or extraordinary (natural wonder) part of the environment?
What resources do you use to help combat any feelings of despair for the threatened state of the environment?
Does your spiritual tradition offer precedents regarding personal responsibility toward preventing or intervening in environmental degradation?
Sociobiologist, E.O.Wilson claims that our descendants will view us as a "Ship of fools" if we destroy the stability of the natural balance of nature or destroy things of value to them. Do you think he is right?
How has the experience of your ancestors affected your personal attitudes & practices toward the environment?
Do you see ethics as distinct from religion? Please explain.
Is there any connection between wealth & environmental degradation?
Comment on the claim that "Rational beings alone have moral worth" (Immanuel Kant).
Is humanity an "End in Itself" (Immanuel Kant)?
Nobel Peace Prize recipient (1952), Albert Sweitzer found a sense of "Reverence for Life" at a moment of exhaustion & discouragement in Africa. He claimed that it was key to a holistic system of values. How would you interpret this proposition?
Vietnamese Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh proposes that "Peace is every step." In what way might this attitude influence action toward nature?
Mahatma Gandhi warned, "Nature had enough for everybody’s need but not for everybody’s greed." The traditional Hindu scriptural imperative was to conserve the environment; this was obligatory for rulers & seers as well as ordinary people. Therefore, exploitation of nature was considered sacrilegious. Does this precept correlate with that in your own tradition?
Primatologist, Jane Goodall proposes that there is "Reason for Hope." Do you agree & what helps you to feel or think this way?
Native American Elder of the Eel clan of New York State, Audrey Shenandoah speaks of "Thanksgiving" for the Earth’s bounty & need for "Responsibility to the Seventh Generation." How might this guiding principle influence behavior toward the environment?
Islamic scholar Seyyed Hossein Nasr describes the Earth as sacred, its beauty as reflection of that "Paradisiacal abode which is above." In what way do/do not these statements mesh with your own sense of spirituality?
Earth-based religions including Shamanism view all aspects of existence & entities as connected with invisible "Threads" or "Strands." They consider that the health of the community reflects the care it takes of the natural environment. Do you agree?
Are "Life boat ethics" justifiable in certain circumstances?
Is there any relationship between world hunger & American dietary habits?
Do you believe that sustainable development is possible without lethal impairment to the natural environment?
Confidentiality: Ethics & Release Statement:
***After conclusion of the interview, do explain to your interviewee that you may post some responses to the Discussion Forum. Request permission to do so & note on your paper any or all responses that your interview subject desires to keep private or exclusively for your instructor’s perusal***

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