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Takaji My Relatives
It was my pleasure to travel this past weekend all the way accross the state to the region of eastern Pennsylvania from my hometown of Pittsburg in western Pennsylvania. While in Philadelphia I stayed at the home of a generous Taino brother with whom I shared a wonderful two days. On Saturday I had planned to visit Lancaster to spend the day with Taino friends at the PuertoRican Day Parade but obligations in Philadelphia conspired against me getting out of town in time to make the two-hour trip in to Lancaster so I was not able to make it. By what I hear from the Tainos in Lancaster the participation of Tainos in that event was extremely successful and it sounds like I missed a great time. I look forward to making it next year. Big love to all of the relatives in Lancaster for the great work you are doing there to bring the culture of our people to that town!

On Sunday I participated in the annual FERIA DEL BARRIO held in he heart of the Boricua neighborhood of North Philadelphia and sponsored by the Taller Puertorrique~o. This particular event is one in which I had already represented our Caney Spiritual Circle two years ago in co-operation with the UCTP's Kasike Guama Roberto Mukaro Borrero and his family. This year the Caney Spiritual Circle table at the Feria was adjacent to a table reserved by a local Philadelphia Taina, Pricilla Anani (Pbutter72). Pricilla was joined at her table by a contingent of New York City Tainos headed by our brother Thomas Waribonex.

We all had a wonderful time at our two tables presenting the culture of our Taino ancestors to the thousands of Tainos and other festival attendees who flocked to our displays all afternoon long. Many local Philadelphia Tainos demonstrated great gratitude to us for having this display that allowed so many families to be exposed to the beauty and splendor of our tradition.

After our participation in the Feria we all gathered together and celebrated a truncated but intense version of the Caney Indigenous Spiritual Circle's FALL EQUINOX CEREMONY, enlightened by the added teachings of New York spiritual guide Thomas Waribonex.

Great praise to the Philadelphia Tainos that took the innitiative this year to reserve space at the FERIA DEL BARRIO so that our culture could again be part of that celebration and Great gratitude to the New York Tainos who took the time and interest to travel all the way from the Big Apple to Philly to again share with us yet another beautiful day in bonding and community-building. This is the true mission of the Resurgence and a continuation of the work initiated almost twenty years ago by the great leaders of that powerful rebirth of our nation that we are all now experiencing.
Taino Ti

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Taino'ti Bo Miguel,
Ho han for sharing such joy and beauty of our people. My heart was gladdened to see so many Tainos participating in our culture in Philly. Thank you for sharing your time. I knew that you'd be out there.
AnaO Quinones delValle
My sister
This actually felt like a repetition of the awsome experience that we had in Youngstown. I feel that the power of the Resurgence is now UNSTOPPABLE!!!!
Taino Ti
Lovely pictures. Thank you so much for sharing your experienc and culture.

Taino Ti,


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