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Tau My Relatives

This past weekend the Pittsburgh lodge of the Caney Indigenous Spiritual Circle celebrated Full Moon Ceremony as we have done for almost thirty years. In the year 2012 we will celebrate our thirtieth anniversary of existance as a spiritual organization.


Since the Fall of 1982 we have honored the femenine energy of the Cosmos by celebrating the unique link between the Divine Woman and the human women. This limk manifests itself through the cycle of menstruation. In the human women there is a sacred flow of blood approximately every twenty-eight days. Blood is the power loquid that allows for the continuation of human life. The circulation of this sacred substance within the bodies of living things is the foundation of biological cyclyc existance.


Likewise, the circulation of the waters of the Earth within the ocean currents and the flow of rivers is the circulatory system of the planet, and by extension of the Divine Mother whom we in the Caney Circle refer to as Ata-Bey. Ata Bey's blood is the waters of the Earth. The moon's monthly cycles manifest the Cosmic Mother's menses in a manner very similar to that of human women because it manifests within a twenty-eight day period. This cycle also involves the flow of blood since the moon affects the rise and fall of the marine tides. By affecting the waters of the ocean the moon is affecting the blood of the earth and thus reflecting on a macrocosmic level the blood cycle that manifests itself every month in human women on a microcosmic level.


This is what we in the Caney Circle celebrate every month. In particular we celebrate the fact that the existance of this divine cycle of fertility in both the human women and the Divine Woman reflects their ability to bring forth LIFE. It is this capacity, enabled through the cyclical magic of the menstrual cycle that allows the human species to survive and propagate itself.


We invite our Taino brothers and sisters to visit the Caney Circle website and explore the pages dediacted to the topic of the moon cycle and its association to our ancient Taino tradition, and how individual Tainos living in a contemporary urban setting can adhere to this living tradition in their own homes even if they can not practice these traditions in the company of an organized Caney group.


Taino Ti




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Takahi, Guaitiao,

August has a double full moom this year. Full moon ceremomny will be held in Youngstown, Ohio. The UCTP liason(yours truly), the Bohio Atabex and the Caney Spiritual Circle will hold a Full Moon Ceremony in Youngstown"s home of Beike Rose Xochitl AnaO Quinones delValle. More details to come. 

Seneko Kakona (Peace and blessings)

Takaji my sister its wonderful to know that our tradition will be observed in Youngstown this upcoming "blue moon". We here in the Pittsburgh area will be celebrating on Thursday Aug30. We will be praying for you and your community.
Taino ti

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