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Takaji My Relatives

I spent the Full Moon weekend of November 2010 at the home of Amanda (Vargas) Richmond, on the Fort Hood military base in Killeen, Texas. I spent several days of wonderful socializing and sharing traditional Indigenous cultural crafts such as weaving with Amanda and her kids.

This activity was carried out in keeping with the well-established tradition of weaving that exists among Amanda's native people, the Arawakan Wayuu (or Guajiros) of Venezuela's Guajira penninsula. These people are related to my own Arawakan Taino people and thus Amanda's family and my own share a cultural legacy.

photo of traditional Wayuu (Guajiro) weaving from Venezuela

source Wikepedia


The Wayuu (Guajiros) of Venezuela use their weaving skills to create colorful hammocks much as my own Taino ancestors did hundreds of years ago

photo of traditional Wayuu (Guajiro) hammocks; source Wikepedia

Amanda showed real in-born flair for the weaving art by creating a beautiful wall-hanging for her son Tristen.


The Full Moon Ceremony was conducted in the tradition of the Taino Caney Indigenous Spiritual Circle way, with the whole family participating. We performed our ceremony in honor of the Earth Mother Ata Bey, praising her fertility which manifests itself in the 28-day cycle of the moon spirit Maroya. Then we lit the double candles and recited the sacred words of the ceremony "OUR WOMEN HAVE WITHIN THEM THE RYTHM OF THE UNIVERSE"

It was a very blessed moment and I was honored to spend it with this sweet and loving family.


Taino Ti


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Not long ago I sent out a widely disseminated notice informing all of our friends out there that I was available to travel anywhere to celebrate Full Moon ceremony at private homes or with groups as long as I could find a way to make the travel requirements possible. Amanda's family was one of those that immediately invited me to their home so that I could share this blessing with them. There are others of you out there that answered the call, and I look forward to travelling to your locality soon.
Taino Ti
Please note the curious similarity between the commonly used tribal name for the Wayuu Nation (Guajiro) and the term used in my country, Cuba for country peasant folk "Guajiro".

I think that this is not totally a coincidence.
Hello Amanda and Family. It has been along time since we met about 5 years ago. I hope you remember me. You all look like you are doing well. I hope your holiday is good however you celebrate it. Taino Ti.


PS Hello Miguel


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