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I am presently traveling in Texas doing ceremonial work here while Antonio is continuing his activities back East. We will be planning another Fire Ceremony and Sweatlodge for early December.
I have been travelling in Texas since this past Sunday Nov 13

My work in Texas has allowed me to connect with my Mexica brothers and sisters who live in this region of Aztlan and who see this area as part of the ancestral homeland from where the ancient Aztecs migrated south into the Valley of Mexico many years ago.

I am working with the sacred Maya Calendar Cholk'ij days chanelling healing energy in behalf of a number of individuals here including a family of K'iche Mayas who live in this area. I am also using my Taino traditional practices to cleanse and purify work areas and home environment that need to be rid of negative energy.

Looking forward to spending a few days at Fort Hood military base with Venezuelan friend Amanda (Vargas) Richmont, member of the Arawakan Guajira Indigenous nation to celebrate Full Moon Ceremony with a group of folks at her home, and then in Austin later this week to connect with fellow Tainos in that city, as well as individuals there working on projects that deal with the traditions of the Guatemala Mayas.

Taino Ti

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A little something that I found on the internet about Amanda's Arawak people...Follow this LINK:
Sounds wonderful my Friend. I know how important you work is there and wherever you go. Taino Ti and keep up the good work!!

Hi Mary
Thanks for your thoughts

My work with the energies of Aztec and Maya culture here in Houston brought me in contact with the sacred tradition of one of the most imortant manifestations of the ancient Mother Spirit of the Aztecs, an entity who is their counterpart of our own Taino mother spirit called Ata bey. The name of the Aztec mother Spirit is Tonanzin. Mother Tonanzin has come to be associated with the post-conquest Mexican manifestation of the virgin Mary called "Our Lady of Guadalupe" and the present shrine to this Catholic icon is actualy situated on the hill of Tepeyac, the same exact site where the ancient Tonanzin temple used to stand.

As part of my work in Houston I had the opportunity to make a brief visit at the local shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe near the Downtown area. There I asked the spirit of the ancient mother Tonanzin to help me with the work that I was carrying out in behalf of a Mexican-American family there.

During my visit in Texas I had the opportunity to visit the Puerto Rican Cultural Center in Austin. This organization was founded and is administered by an amazing and indefatigable individual called Ana Maria Tekina-Eiru Maynard.

This image demonstrates a rehersal for an upcoming performance.

Many of the performance costumes are designed by Ana Maria herself. Here she shows me an authentic Taino mayohuacan drum created in Boriken

Ana Maria was a wonderful hostess to me and showed me all of the wonderful activities that take place at the magical site which is the home of this organization.

It is true that much of what takes place at the center is devoted to rehersal and preparing for the lavish and culturally rich performances that the Puerto Rican Folkloric Dance group mounts to the delight of Austin residents and many others, but this center is much more than the home of a performing arts ensemble as that term is usually understood. This is actually more of a social center, a spiritual retreat and a refuge for those who need to recharge their heritage batteries. Ana Maria and those who work with her have created here a kind of home for many members of the local Puerto Rican and Taino community to feel at home expressing their culture and demonstrating their cammaraderie within that tradition.

The most striking aspect of the work that happens there is the attention paid to the youth and the children. They are attracted by the joy and beauty of art in all of its manifestations. They are introduced to old Boricua traditions including those of our ancient Taino ancestors.

In these images Ana Maria shows me the wonderful work that takes place with the youngest of the members at the center where these little ones are introduced to traditional Boricua nursery rhymes and other traditions of their far-away Caribbean homeland.

I was welcomed into the warmth of Ana Maria's family after the rehersals and sessions at the center. They were kind enough to treat me to an awesome traditional Boricua meal at their favorite outdoor eatery.

Later I was hosted by Ana Maria and her family at their home where I had the opportunity to see her home work-space and meditation areas. Ana Maria and her family are very artistic and spiritual and her husband more than supports all of the work she does. He is a gifted musician in his own right and speaks Spanish.

May Yaya Guaturey the Grea Spirit and all of the Hupia ancestors bless the work and the family of this wonderful Taino woman.
Taino Ti


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