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Takaji My Relatives
This message was originally posted in the private online network called CANEY CIRCLE BEIKE LODGE which is the network of the spiritual guides of the Caney Indigenous Spiritual Circle. It was posted by our own brother beike Edgar Konuk Rodriguez of Florida and I felt that it needed to be shared with a larger audience. Please enjoy.
The Sacredness of Trees
As the largest plant on earth,the trees have been revered by almost all ancient cultures for it's unique dignity. An elaborate mythology of trees exist across the world. Tree cults in which a single tree or a grove of trees are worshiped,flourished at different times almost in every continent.
There are sacred woods found in India,Japan and Pre Christian Europe. In the Early historic period there are considerable amounts of evidence that trees held special significance in the cultures of the ancient world.
In Europe even certain names of Celtic tribes reflexed there connection to a particular sacred tree such as the Euburones ( the yule tree )the Lemovices (the Elm tree ),the Celtic believed the trees to be a source of sacred wisdom and if you ever sat quietly and listen to the revelations that come in you'll know that they are !,and the Hazel tree was the sacred tree of the Druids.
According to the Egyptian Book of the Dead twin sycamore tree stood at the eastern gate of heaven from which the sun God Rah emerged each morning.
Another tree,the Willow was the sacred tree of Osiris. The Evergreen palm tree was the sacred tree and the palm branch was a the symbol of the god H eh, the personification of eternity and victory over death. And was later used by Christians for Jesus and martyrs of the faith. The archangel Michael also used the palm branch as one of his symbols .the palm tree is also a symbol of paradise. There are 500 hundred varieties of palm trees in the Caribbean ,no wonder Columbus thought he was in paradise !
It appears the elements of tree cults have survived into Judea-christian theology
In Genesis the two most sacred trees are the tree of knowledge of good and evil ,and d the tree life life that grows at the center of the garden of eden . I once red somewhere that the woods used in the crucifixion cross where one part tree of knowledge and the other part the tree of life .
The tree of life is a widespread concept though out history . In China the tree of life is called the Kein-luen, for the Moslem's the Lote tree marks the boundary between the human and the Divine. For the Buddhist the Bodi tree ,the tree where wisdom flows through the river of life .In Japan the Crytomria and the Sakai tree are venerated in Shinto shrines .The Sakai tree is the pillar of Heaven tree.
Sacred groves still exist in India and Bali they have produced many tree myths and traditions. In Boriken EL Yunque is one of our sacred groves ,Guanica has another .
But to the Tainos and the Mayan there is no tree like the CEIBA tree .This is our world tree ,Our AXIS MUNDI And heres why ,this magnificent tree beside being one of the largest tree in Central America ,it hold special meaning the Taino and Mayan people .It is tall straight light gray that resembles Ash giving it the fire element .It grips the ground with its large roots giving it the earth element , it reaches for the heavens giving it the air element it hold water giving it the water element . In The trunk has spurs and the Tainos associated that to the great Caiman's back on which the earth sits on ,the Ceiba tree has a unique flat top crown and its high broad crown is perfect for harpies eagles and Guaraguas to roost .its huge protruding roots with very partition like structures that good that provide good nesting area for fruit bats that build tent like nests .the bats are associated with the shamanic lower world ,the bat droppings attract insects that intern attract animals like anteaters symbolizes the shamanic middle-world .The Ceiba tree oddly enough usually only produces four main large branches ,that radiate out almost horizontal associated with the four directions .The Ceiba as our world tree is part of the Taino Tradition it is a shamanic bridge between worlds it is a doorway and it is a map ,it is the Taino Shamanic G.P.S.
Tradition= many families have tree last names ,Robles -oak tree ,Depalmas -palms tree ,Molina-Gmolina tree .
But ask your elders for stories about trees,was there a big tree near there home ,can they tell about some event that happen around that tree or others ,what their favorite tree and why .use your Shamanic ear to extract the concepts
Inspiration= Go find an old tree make an offering ,ask the tree to teach you something feel for a yes or no response ,if yes sit down ,if no move on .
Sit at the base with your back against the trunk ,quietly meditate and them expand your aura and merge with the tree if you start to feel light headed you on the right track ,be open see what come in ,feel the trees vibe ,ask about the world tree and it's connection to you .
Education= read about the world tree it is a universal shamanic and mythological concept.
Learn about shamanic mapping
Ba rai
Kunuk (world tree) Ceiba

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That's beautiful Miguel--Sincerely Whispering Cloud your friend.







That's very beautiful Iris,your Taino brother Whispering Cloud. have yourself a very beautiful day!!

 thank you !! many blessing for you and all of us here

I just saw this article. Just perfect for this moment! Taino ti! Jeffry

Takaji Brother

I am so glad that you enjoyed that message. It was posted by one of the beikes who has been with us the longest.

I wanted to discuss how we could incorporate this new networking group into the official website. I think a simple link on the INFO page of the website inviting visitors to request membership in the Caney Circle will suffice.

Let me know what you think.

Taino Ti


Hahom, for posting this information, teaching...I hope to learn more and implement more into my daily life...

My sister It is a pleasure hearing from you and please be assured we will continue sharing this wisdom of the ancestors with all of our members here.

Taino Ti



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