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Founding Documents of the Caney Circle

Takaji Relative

Please find here facsimilie images of the original documents used to establish this spiritual organization

You will also find here other important documents acquired over the years related to the maintenance of this organization.


Minutes of the first board meeting of the Church of the Grand Caney

June 1981

June 6 1981 board meeting (attachment#1)

 June 6 1981 board meeting (attachment #2)

Original organizational documents


Original Church charter conferred upon the Caney Circle by the Mother Earth Church of Monterrey California in August of 1981


Ministerial ordination certification and official title of "behique" conferred upon Miguel Sague by the Mother Earth Church of Monterrey California in May of 1981. This certification enabled Beike Miguel to be officially treated as a legally ordained minister by all official and governmental organizations in the United States of America and elsewhere.

Articles of association creating this organization as a bona fide non-profit body and an official church within the definition of 

501c3 Non Profit status letter from IRS


New bylaws 2019

conflict of interest provision #1

conflict of interest provision #2


This is the PDF format version of important IRS document

Tax Guide For Churches and Religious Organizations


This PDF document describes the laws governing the relationship between a church that acts as an umbrella organization under which subordinate organizations can operate

IRS laws regarding subbordinate organizations under the main church umbrella

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