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Greetings members of the board of directors.

As I recently informed you in a direct e-mail communication, I have resigned my position as a behike of the Caney Circle. I am also going to resign my behike bo position which made me the chairperson of the board of directors. The behike bo position and the chair of the board automatically goes to the assistant behike bo, Kasike Guatu Iri. As I mentioned in my earlier communication I took this step because I needed to resolve critical personal issues that made it impossible for me to continue carrying out my responsibilities here, and also as a result of health issues.

The kasike and I have been diligently involved in the intricate and complicated process of the transfer of power from me to him since I made that communication to you. Once this process has been completed within the next few weeks I will submit my formal written resignation to the board. You will need to accept that resignation during the next board meeting in February.

Since I created this ICN group here my image will continue to show up here in this group. (I plan to  help Guatu Iri create a new board of directors group here which you will all have to re-join). Nevertheless I will no longer sit in the meetings or have any say or vote on the board. Kasike Guatu Iri will be in charge of the conducting of board meetings and the running of the Caney Circle as a whole.

It is my hope that the Caney Circle will continue to prosper and grow beyond me and that these changes will actually promote fresh new ideas and initiatives which will help it become even greater.

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