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My sister Consuelo is married to Dr Andrew Dean who worked with her at the CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL in Atlanta, Georgia for many years. Dr Dean was part of the team that helped develop and evolve a public access (free) epidemic tracking computer program originally created by his high school student son by a previous marriage, Jeff Dean in the 1980's. This program is now known by the name EPI INFO and is still available for free to any medical researcher who seeks to save lives in epidemic-ravaged regions of the world.  Consuelo and Andy both played important roles in the history of the evolution of EPI INFO. Jeff, the teen-age computer prodigy went on to become a highly valued member of the team at Google.

This Center for Disease Control website features the story of EPI INFO epidemic tracking computer program:

This website features the story of Jeff Dean, Andy Dean's son:

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This is amazing!
God bless them all. 

I has always said this; I have never believed in the divisive talk that some people have when it comes to our white brothers. We have to see the good in everything and this is good. 

I wish i could put this in better words but, they're our brothers too - furthermore most people of the Caribbean have Spanish decent in them. So be careful to spew hate about any of your own progenitors - because you end up disrespecting yourself too (this is particular interesting for our mixed race).  

For some reason or another when god divided man onto the world and allotted them their portions  - the creator seemed to have assigned our islands to be the place where all races came into contact together, ranging from the Guyanese, Africans, Spaniards and Natives this is an indomitable fact. 

While we live in a world of increased division and hate - it makes me happy to know that as a Caribbean man and a decedent of the taino - we have a beautiful thing that is exclusively ours. 

I wish others would see it too.

The taino identity encompasses all of the worlds races!

End Rant HAHA!

Thank you for your opinion my brother I totally agree with what you have shared here and am impressed by your insight. Many blessings to you!


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