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Sague Family early home movies and videos

These videos chronicle the life and times of Miguel Sague Jr from the 1960's to the 1990's as recorded in 8 millimeter film footage and later in VHS videotape format by his father Miguel Sague Sr. and by himself, Miguel Sague Jr.



1.) Miguel Sague's mother Consuelo (Machiran) Sague, belonged to the Machiran family of Santiago De Cuba. This was a middle class family, headed by local real estate entrepreneur, Don Norberto Machiran. The family in Santiago included a number of teachers and professors, some of them members of the faculty of the family-owned INSTITUTO COMERCIAL AMERICA. It also included a local medical doctor Norberto Machiran Jr, director of the local Saturnino Lora Hospital, and (featured in this video), a rum distillery chemist and highly placed rum company official named Manuel Machiran. Manuel Machiran was a principal administrator in the Bacardi Rum Company which had been founded in Santiago De Cuba by Don Facundo Bacardi in the mid 1800's and was still administered by the Bacardi family when Castro took it over in 1960. Manuel Machiran was the lead official in charge of founding a Bacardi plant in Puerto Rico in the 1950's. This video illustrates a 1968 visit by Manuel Machiran at the Sague home in Erie, PA during a period of his life when he was in charge of the establishment of the Bacardi plant in Recife, Brazil.

2.) This video illustrates the visit at the Sague home in Erie, PA of Arquimedes Sague, my father's older brother. Arquimedes, who had been a barber and furniture salesman in the town of La Maya, in Cuba, had recently arrived in the United States and settled in the city of Baltimore, MA. He visited in the company of his wife Denma.

3.) After leaving Cuba, moving to, and living with his family in Spain for some time, my father's younger brother Ramon Sague visited the Miguel Sague family's Erie home in 1967. Later, after some time, Ramon Sague settled in the city of Baltimore MD with his family.

3.) In 1967 my aunt Adela (Machiran) Serrano visited our home from New York City, where she lived at the time. She brought her son Diomedes (Andy) Serrano and her daughter Maria Adela (Mayun) Serrano with her. My father included this visit in his compilation "FLOWERS IN OUR GARDEN".

4.) In the summer of 1968, about 7 years after moving to the United States from Cuba, my father Dr Miguel A Sague Sr took us, his whole immediate family on an epic road trip to visit newly-arrived relatives living in three cities of the United States, Baltimore Maryland, New York City New York and Niagara Falls New York. He chronicled the whole adventure with 8 millimeter film.

5.) My father and then I chronicled several decades worth of Christmas celebrations in Erie, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and West New York, New Jersey.

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