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Here is William Pet's dissertation on Arawak. It is a pretty large file if you're not on highspeed.

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You're welcome! Of course I remember Boriwex!
I have an electronic copy of the Dictionary that I got from Interlibrary loan. I scanned it in and used OCR on it. The amount of work that it took to get it into a reasonable form has put me off doing the same for Twenty Eight Lessons. I will get to it this summer. The dictionary needs to be gone over because there are some errors (accent marks being turned into letters, etc.). I did one round of corrections and will do the second round this summer. After that I'll send it out.

It unfortunate that it's so hard to get these books. I tried ordering from the Walter Roth Museum but the email address wasn't working.
How I missed this until now, I don't know...but thanks so much Keisha, what a great gift!
I agree max. I actually just saw this topic now. I just downloaded the dictionray. Thanx keisha.
I finally got to take a look at the LokonoDian link and it has a wealth of info!!! I can't possibly thank you enough!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iyao (?) Tlazohcamati nocneuh. Very fascinating, I hope to read it with care after this semester :) ᏩᏙ ᎠᎴ ᏍᎩ!

Wow! This is amazing. Can I repost on the Taino Language Revitalization Forum on facebook?  Loved seeing this. Amazing work...

Of course Ana-Maurine....This is a very old post and the info here has been copied by a lot of people now. Go right ahead and repost it if you want to.



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