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This was posted by someoneo on Facebook. I remember someone asking for language classes but I can't remember if the person asking was in P.R. or not.


Movimiento Indigena Chib'al'o (Jibaro)Boricua (MOVIJIBO) invite your people to join to the first course of native boricua language to be given by Uahtibili and Huana Naboli , writers of the book, "Puerto Rico":la gran mentira, in the University of Puerto Rico in Utuado.
Universidad de Puerto Rico
Colegio Universitario de la Montaña, UTUADO
Programa de cursos cortos y seminarios
Call to be included.
(787)- 894-2828 Exts. 2101, 2110, 2113
Fax 894-1081
Título del Curso: Introducción al Lenguaje Taino
Horas contacto: 30 horas
Días: Sábados
Horario: 9AM-12PM
Costo: $90

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Is the class located at the retreat center in Camuy or at a university setting? is it for credit?
also I received this message from Huana last week, if anyone is an experienced kayaker or canoeist, and would like to take part in this expedition, contact the group. we did another one like this last year in which Taino Almestica circumnavigated borinken in sea kayak. 18 days at sea. perhaps i should have him write about it here, as i was only ground crew on this expedition. anyhow the new expedition includes other islands in the caribbean...

Nos alegra saber de ustedes. Que pena que no estaran para verano. Nos alegraria que remaran junto a nosotros en el proyecto KARISKO en mayo, estaremos participando en el mismo remando en una canoa tradicional desde Fajardo a San Juan. El grupo de Karisko vendra remando desde isla Martinica hasta Puerto Rico, puedes localizarlos en INTERNET. Si sabes de kayakeros o cantactos que se interesen en participar pasales el mensaje y nuestro e-mail, les estaremos enviando solicitudes de remadores tan pronto nos las envie nuestro contacto con KARISKO, GUYANA. Gracias
Huana and Uatibili have been working for many many years on educational projects.
she has her degree in marine biology and is an elementary teacher in Camuy
he has been involved in the protest at Vieques, Centro de Caguana and the Colombus day protests in San Juan each year.
it is nice to see they have the book out that they have been working on for a couple years
and that they are continuing to network with other groups in Columbia and other islands
I'm still interested in how they are teaching grammar lol!
perhaps they are mixing both spanish and taino words to create a new language??????

I would question that and rather hope that it has a basis in Lokono and Garifuna, which is a direct descendant and the other Arawakan languages that still exist, also some Mayan framework as the Mayans were proven to have been on the islands and have influenced them greatly. I dunno wouldn't it be colonial to just speak Spanish with Taino words, in that way the framework is still Colonial, no?

I believe that the grammar might be more Mayan based than Arawak in this case, if it's the Chib'al'o movement. They base their reconstruction efforts more on Yucatec Mayan, rather than Arawakan languages, not totally off base since the Mayans; mostly Yucatec, did visit the islands a lot. It will be very interesting to see what it looks like. 

There was a member here that told me that here in NY they were teaching taino. I havent seen him post but I met him in person in a social gathering a few months back. He told me the classes were cancelled cause no one was itnersted. I told him that if I would have seen it I would have signed up for it.

I think in kiskeya the last person to speak taino died in the mid 1800's. Some one did document those words but I dont know about the dictionary. I will have to ask jorge about it. Also back in those days there were more taino words being used. So maybe those might not have been included who knows.


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