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Here's a website y'all may or may not know, very interesting, it already has a few essays in the reconstructed Taino language, very fascinating.

some sentence examples :)

1.O, káma, waxeri, wariké kawóna yari. (O, hear, sir, we see gold jewels.)
2.Mayani makana, Juan Desquivel daka. (Do not kill me, Juan Desquivel am I.)
3.Dios naboriya daka. (God, His worker I am.)
4.Ahiyacawo, warocoel. (You have spoken to us, our grandfather.)
5.Waiba, sinato makabuka wamekina. (Let us go, it is not important that our boss is upset.)
6.Teketa sinato wamekina. (Our boss is very upset.)


Tau, mexikatida :)

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Another piece, a mini Essay in Taino over the Ineri language

No one interested?

Has the LIVING GARIFUNA tradition been explored more thoroughly? I understand there are many of them in the Bronx,living there...and that they are hanging out with Santeros and Babalawos,becuase in this way,they are recovering the African part of their heritage--it seems to me that it behooves us to go and spend time withj their living Arawak traditions,and even though the language may be somewhat different from Taino specifically,isn't there a whole lot in common?(forgive my ignorance)  They are right there,IN OUR COMMUNITIES!  they have kept their/our tradtions(many parts which are OUR traditions)......just curious if anyone has gone out to meet them,learn from them,share with them,take part in their ceremonies,etc.   HERE is a book about this:"Diaspora Conversions"-Black Carib Religion  and the Recovery of Africa",by Paul Christopher Johnson--In this book,they well describe the Carib ceremonies that they STILL DO today...and so many things-what the Caribs now want is to recover the other half-their African half of the puzzle!--But for us Taino,this is a ,in my opinion,A GREAT POORTUNITY for us to recover some of our Taino/Arawk ways/language!-Again,please forgive me,i if what I am saying is very off,in the sense of the two dialects/languages being very different,or their ceremonial ways for that matter..I think the Carib language is called"Mancushi"?-still,I don't know how similar or di-simular they are..Thank you



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