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Recent Presentation on Maya Prophecy in New Palz New York

Greetings Relatives

As part of the on-going work that Antonio and I are comitted to carrying out which is devoted to sharing the ancient wisdom of the 2012 Prophecy I delivered a lecture at the Unison Center in New Palz, New York on Friday April 15 2011.…


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Ceremonial Initiation PEACE AND DIGNITY JOURNEYS Queens New York

Takaji My Relatives

This past Sunday April 24 2011 (Maya date "Wukub E" or "Uuc Eb" also know as "7 Road") a group led by the young Taino organizer Rafael Landron and Taino leader of the women's group Bohio Ata Bey, Vanessa Inarunikia…


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This wonderful blog was contributed by my Taino brother Edgar Kunuk in our Beike network and I felt inspired to share it here.

Taino Ti





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Indy Documentary to Feature interviews Maya teacher Antonio and Taino teacher Miguel


Spiritually awakened Indy Film makers from Virginia Beach visited Antonio and I here at the Pittsburgh Indian Center in April of 2011and interviewed us concerning the topic of Maya prophecy in connection with their upcoming movie WHITE BUFFALO: AN AMERICAN PROPHECY. Then afterwards they…

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Taino Spring Equinox Ceremony in Brook Park, The Bronx, New York

Takaji My Relatives

I had the honor of participating in Spring Equinox Ceremony this past weekend Sunday March 20, 2011 with members of the United Confederation of Taino People, the Yukayeke Guainia and with a large group of other Taino and non-Taino brothers and sisters in a magical little piece of the Bronx called…


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Mission to Guatemala Preparation for the June Pilgrimage

Takaji My Relatives

As part of my preparations for the upcoming pilgrimage to the sacred sites of the Mayas in Guatemala this coming June I travelled to the traditional highlands of that country in March of 2011 to confer with the elders who will be guiding us on this powerful nine-day experience.


This is a land where most of the women still wear their traditional hand-woven "corte" skirts, each one colorfully and graphically announcing the town in which she…


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Remarkable New Photographic Technique Illustrates Old Legends

Takaji My Relatives

Much of the most spectacular imagery of our ancestors has remained hidden in the darkness of mysterious caves of our islands. Now through the miracle of a new photographic technology called "GigaPan" many of these images are being opened to the eyes of our people. In Dominican Republic the extraordinary iconography of the Deminan Caracaracol…


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Ceremonia De Luna LLena en Kingston New York--Full Moon Ceremony in Kingston, New York


Takaji Mis Parientes


Takaji My Relatives


Con muy grata satisfaccion me da el placer de informarles que tuve el honor de compartir la ceremonia de LUNA LLENA de Febrero en la ciudad de Kingston New York en el hogar familiar de la hija de nuestro beike-bajo-entrenamiento Chris (Frank) Quintero Aku Turey


 With sweet satisfaction I have the pleasure of informing all of you that I had the honor of sharing February Full…


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Religious Intolerance Takes an Unexpected Turn

Takaji My Relatives

In a world of Fox News Network and Sherif Joe Arpaio it appears that unabashed intolerance can and will reach the level of the ridiculous. This message was sent to me by a friend from another native nation. In reading it, please be aware of the fact that the tribal government in question here is taking full advantage of the federal laws for self-determination that keeps the central government of Canada from interfering in their right to legislate internal… Continue

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A Prepararnos Para El Equinoccio De Primavera


Preparing for Spring Equinox


Mis hermanos y hermanas

My brothers and…


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An Artistically Expressed Film About our Ancestral Experience

Full Circle: A Taino Story

Not just another story about the extinction of the Tainos, This dramatic piece tells the story of a people's love for each other and for their land, and how that love transcended conquest and environmental destruction…


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Our Ancient Relatives In Florida

The ancient inhabitants of South Florida included a nation known as the Tekesta Indigenous people.

This group is historically reported to have put up an extremely heroic resistance against the nefarious invasion of the conquest-era Spanish, significantly delaying the eventual…


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Takaji My Relatives

We gathered under the shelter at Women's Park on Flagler Street in Miami to celebrate Winter Solstice 2010 under an overcast and rainy sky. We were joined by our brothers and sisters from Boriken and Cuba and other…


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Full Moon Ceremony at the Home of Arawak/Guajiro family in Texas

Takaji My Relatives

I spent the Full Moon weekend of November 2010 at the home of Amanda (Vargas) Richmond, on the Fort Hood military base in Killeen, Texas. I spent several days of wonderful socializing and sharing traditional Indigenous cultural crafts such as weaving with Amanda and her kids.

This activity was carried out in keeping with the well-established…


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My Visit To The Puerto Rican Cultural Center of Austin Texas


During my November 2010 visit in Texas I had the opportunity to visit the Puerto Rican Cultural Center in Austin. This organization was founded and is administered by an amazing and indefatigable individual called …

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Our Maya-Taino Ceremony was covered by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette newspaper


photo by Michael Henninger/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette newspaper

Greetings My Relatives

We experienced a wonderful encounter with the spirit of Mother Earth yesterday Sunday Nov 7 during our Maya-Taino ceremony evening.

K'iche Maya teacher Antonio Ah Ik led us in a powerful Maya fire ceremony and then we participated in a Taino Sweatlodge which allowed us to be reborn from the Cosmic Matriarch.

Please explore an…


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Our Taino Spiritual movement had a busy summer

Takaji My Relatives

After our wonderful Summer Solstice Ceremony in Youngstown, Ohio the Caney Indigenous Spiritual Circle leadership added our prayers and encouragement to the wonderful effort in Boriken of this year's Journeys of Peace and Dignity. This magnificent effort was primarily spearheaded by organizations guided by our sister Vanessa Inaru, and also by the United Confederation of Taino People and the Consejo General de Tainos Boricanos.…


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Takaji My Relatives

This past Saturday I traveled to Youngstown Ohio with my wife Leni and our New York sister Vanessa Inaru of the NY UCTP and the Bohio AtaBei to celebrate this year's Summer Solstice Ceremony with the Tainos of eastern Ohio. In Youngstown we were hosted by the Ohio United…


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A Taino in the Land of the Ancient Anasazi

Takaji My Relatives

On Tuesday April 27 I was flown by the production staff of a new paranormal investigation TV show, along with a number of paranormal investigators, and other experts, to the St James hotel in the north eastern New Mexico village of Cimarron to explore the possbilities of otherwordly activity in the hotel itself and in a near-by mesa called Urraca, both of which have a reputation of beng haunted.…


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Taino Awards event in New York April 2010

Takaji My Relatives

This past Saturday April 24 the Kacike Marie Maweiaru of the Ku-Karey Spiritual Circle, Inc and Yamocuno Tanama Yukayeke Taino in co-operation with Bohike Candy Warishi sponsored the second annual Taino Awards Event at the lower east side establishment PUERTO…


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