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That has always been the human downfall.

You came to us in your shining armor

And you were lost looking for the promised land.

We knew who you were

And all you would bring, there was a prophesy.

And despite knowing that

We extended our hands in friendship.

You raped us

You stole all that we had and knew

And you cut off our extended hands

Of good will and brotherly love.

You taught us how to hate

But you also taught us how to forgive.

Its all about our interconnection.

You see, we were the children of the

Land sea and sky.

In essence, you are me and I am you.

We are all things in the realm of this

Great creation.

And within both of us is the

Great Mystery

Linking us together.

And in the aftermath,

Now you and your conquering ways are gone

And we are still here.

The irony is that you aren't really gone

We have absorbed all of you.

You are running deep within

The blood of our children

And you aren't lost anymore.

In a way, even though you were lost

You have come home.

Isn't the Great Mystery wonderful?

Now we are truely interconnected

Part of one another, inseparable

For all eternity.

Author's note:
This work of poetry came while I was creating the painting, Columbus, A Historical Lesson.

Image is within my page herein.

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