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Caribbean Equinox: Of Giants, Bats & Whispering Earthen Wombs

Heather Arnold, a graduate of Syracuse University, had a 15-year career in the media industry in Los Angeles and Manhattan. After leaving the industry to pursue an opportunity in pharmaceutical sales, she moved from Manhattan to the Caribbean Island of Aruba to start her own tour company.
Heather's inquisitive mind and quest to provide historically accurate tours for her clients led her down a path of research shrouded in mystery. Through extensive investigations, field expeditions, explorations, and interviews,
She contends the true, rich history of the islands of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao, have been systematically expunged and repudiated, in order to be vehemently denied.
Looking on old maps, she also noticed how the islands' original names were not as they are today, but were instead called, "The Islands of the Giants'', and named after the giant race of people with elongated skulls who inhabited them.
Years of extensive study, translation, and interpretation of many scientific research papers, peer-reviewed journal articles, and field documentation and notes, reveals the existence of the Giants, and their story is just now beginning to emerge and be retold.
LINK to Youtube  The Islands Of The Giants
Not only were these Giants part of an elite, ruling class, but they appear to be a far more advanced race than the mainland population of Native American descent.
Utilizing lay lines, they built massive megalithic monuments which still exist today, charted and tracked celestial events, and had a focus on Sun worship.

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Comment by Randy Eady on May 1, 2023 at 8:15pm

Bat whispering! This is moving us toward a new realm of discovery as it relates to the emergence of cybernetic physical technologist's such as the enterprising Marvin Rosario.

Specifically, wrt bats: ​time simply becomes a form of space. As recently revealed during the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience Sunposium23 Keynote about bat "bio-morphosis" in which the 'place cells in bat neurology has begun to feature into (and allow for) exploration into possible therapeutics for dementia and Alzheimer's.

Particularly consciousness as spatially embodied cognition (shared presence/collaboration).

See NeuroBatLab Keynote conclusion: "Surprisingly, they found that communication produced by bats that were "friendlier"—those that spent more time in close proximity to others—induced a higher degree of correlations across the brains of the group members." ~ Michael Yartsev, Prof Neurobiology & Bioengineering at UC Berkeley, in Cortical Representation of Group Social Communication in Bats.

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