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Claiming My Rich Heritage...Claiming My True Identity......

It is essential to know our roots and where we come from. It is an important part of who we are as people.
It strengthens our being and enriches our life. Our identity completes us like the sacred hoop...or the medicine connects us to the webb of life...
My life is sacred like my ancestors of the days of ole. I have their spirit of their life running through
my very vains. They live in me....and give me life.
I was born with many gifts passed on to me by my grandfathers and grandmothers, my ancestors.
I come with all the knowledge that was passed down to me at my birth.
I was born to know the magic in life....through the cultural and traditional and spiritual teachings.
I carry my medicine bundle as my guides and helpers through this life. They carry me and nuture me.
I am Ojibwe...I am fish clan/pike and my mother was from the "CRANE" clan. Shingwauk (little pine)
was my He was a "Chieftan" a heridarity chief.
Our ancestory goes earlier history...this is where I come from. I am a proud anishinabec
woman and carry myself with pride and dignity because I know the blood and spirits that gave me life.
I am a continuation of them on the wheel of life...
Meeg-wetch for this life....mother, father, grandfathers. grandmothers and sacred ancestors....
Let me walk each day like a prayer.....

Meeg-wetch....Darla Day Clancey (spirit name: Rain Red Thunder).

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