Takaji my Brothers & Sisters: This moon was a little unique as was last months Yoka Hu moon.  I am learning all about adaptability.

Our circle is a relatively small group.  This month we had a hospitalization, an out of town trip to family and another one of our members under the weather leaving the remainder of us to create a meaningful ceremony.

The White Cloth & Medicine Wheel were all laid out before arrival.  I had smudged myself earlier.  We went through the proper ceremonial rituals, smudging, cleansing, calling in the Spirits, Prayers up in the sacred tobacco, dressing of Ata Bey & reciting  her powerful prayer.

Our wonderful "Ata Bey", dressed in her sacred garb,  sat very silently in order to allow the message to flow thru.

She spoke of the fields with the tall corn blowing in the wind.  And the almighty Yoku Hu and his most important avatar, Boinael,The Sun Spirit, large in the sky & bright as ever.

When our Ata Bey was thru with her wisdom we gathered to discuss her insights.  We were blessed.

The melding of the Sun & the Moon!  Ata Bey as mother of all green growing things & Yoka Hu, the much needed Sunlight of mothers plants.

We're moving  ever closer to The Corn Ripening Moon, where Yoka Hu will begin to lose some of his power...and the Cycles go on.

At this time I released the Spirits to the place where they dwell, I fanned out our circle with this proverb:

Peace is not beyond us, it is within us.  Taino Ti.

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