tainoti daka xieti-ch-nex :].i was ceremonously given that name by our brother Guaragarix and mexica while i occupied wall st in Ny,Ny.

im 20,born here on the mainland in the bronx,where i grew up and became an activist for the rights and education of indigenous ppl esp my tribe and our right to our islands that we shared with other caribbeans.

i belive these euro-born governments to be the worst thing to happen to the american indian.stripped of our homes and kickd to the corners while the big wigs destroyed everythng-then eachother.their a mess.
im one of many that belive that paved roads descrease the size of natural land.oil use only polutes and was never ment to be.the taking of Atabeys most precious resources without anyway of paying her back is killing us all and only helps feed the 'white mans' need to war. the need to expand ones own power has caused much unnecessary complications to our everday lives.

there is no balance between nature and technology only animosity.
im a peace advocate but i will defend mine.

i want our world to grow but not if at the expence of the world we live on becuase that only means the future will be very dark and that darkness fast approaching.

..what els ?..ill write more later.

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