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Just a caution, for those who need it;

Any sign of continued personal insults between members will lead to the banning of those persons. There seems to be a marked degeneration in the quality of discussion here, very much in contrast with the cheerful, constructive, and productive experiences that dominated early on.

As the person who initially set up this network, I cannot tolerate seeing it become another hate site for flamers. For those who are new here, show some respect please, don't rush to judge others who have been here for a good while, and you will be respected in turn.

If the only alternative to insults is silence, then please choose silence.

I personally detest having to write such a message to fellow adults, who may even be older than myself. Apologies to all those who were not involved in any conflict in this network, but who nonetheless read this message.

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Comment by Maximilian Forte on January 20, 2009 at 12:04pm
Well, again you are rushing to conclusions, the most negative ones possible, without being in possession of the facts.

I do NOT determine which blog posts get featured: I RESPOND to members who ask to have their posts featured.

I have invited others to join me as admins. in this site, and I have been turned down.

I did NOT establish the rules, nor decide to impose them on my own, other members urged me to do so, and NING mandates it.

You did NOT follow the exchange with Afra kan, your lamb figure, because you would have known that he WAS warned first. You apparently did not know this. You also did NOT know that several other members were complaining about him.

You are personalizing this and trying to construct me as some sort of villain. I have to suspect your motives now. Your assessment is neither fair, nor even remotely accurate or balanced. And if you feel like leaving, then by all means do so.
Comment by Maximilian Forte on January 20, 2009 at 12:20am

also, if you think I am being biased, perhaps you should just come out and state what that bias may be.

I very much resent your placing on my shoulders the behaviour of others, as if they are not at all responsible for themselves, I their parent I presume?
Comment by Maximilian Forte on January 20, 2009 at 12:12am

let's be clear, because I can tell you did not follow the exchanges with the same interest that I did, perhaps because you were not the target. Afra kan, an idiot who wanders into a network and tackles the person who established the network, with plain racism, was indeed warned. When he ignored the warning, I expelled him...and I must add, at the urging of several other members of this network.

Where this "sacrificial lamb" idea comes from, I don't know. Perhaps it is just a very poor choice of words.

As for the point I of your other comments, I don't see how they are meant to be constructive, at all. So the best thing at this point in time, is to just keep such commentary to yourself. Contrary to your statement, I never expected to have to serve as a baby sitter for people older than myself. Alright?

Comment by Juan Almonte on January 19, 2009 at 1:41pm
Max and other's I apolgize for my part in the arguments and insults. I will not go into childish explanation of who did what and why I did what I did. But Max if you feel I have to be banned from the site. Please do it, there will be no hard feelings. That is my word as a man.
Comment by Maximilian Forte on January 19, 2009 at 12:19pm
Hello Sha-King,

Afra Kan was the first of his kind, and I was the target of his attacks, so it was up to me to deal with it personally. This is different, since it involves many more people, the attacks have been sustained and widespread, and each one is right in claiming to have some reason for making their arguments. Therefore it has to be a community message.

Also, a simple fact: I have been away for a while and not able to intervene when the time came up. I am busy rectifying that right now.

Given the past experience in this network, I never anticipated that some of this nonsense would ever have arisen here, people seemed too mature and too sophisticated for that.
Comment by Maximilian Forte on January 19, 2009 at 12:15pm
As your own quote shows:

"A network for indigenous Caribbean students..."

That's where it mentions indigenous people.

I understand all of your points, and as you very well know, I myself have argued them. However, one might also remember that when we first discussed these issues on this network, it was done without any kind of personal acrimony whatsoever. Shoot the message, not the lowly messenger who in most cases is just someone trying to learn, perhaps saying things that are offensive but inadvertently.

So we all need to keep calm.
Comment by Caracoli on January 19, 2009 at 11:51am
I apologize for having taken part, It made me look at the description of this network

"A network for indigenous Caribbean students, researchers, activists, writers and anyone with an interest in sharing and exchanging ideas and information on indigenous Caribbean culture and society"

I don't see where it says Indigenous people

I've seen people bring up topics with no consideration that are totally offensive to Indigenous people on this network ie blood quantums, the caribs are cannibals, mtdna, checking for shovel teeth, mongoloid traits etc

Mostly I would have ignored it but I stepped in to help some young people who are starting on their indigenous path. " We are people not fractions " Some of us on this site are Native by blood and have been very active in the Native community. We have encountered many misconceptions of our Native ways and we struggle to clear those issues

We have an Ancestral Spirit and Oral Tradition that we as Indigenous people follow. It may be different but valid. Ive noticed that some of the members do not care about an Indigenous point of view and it resonates throughout this site. I look forward to positive exchanges with the members in the future.

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