Re-discovering Yourself In Our Modern World

After a certain age you kind of gather and claim that you "Found Yourself". Sometimes even when you do think you know who you are the circle is not complete unless your know every aspect of your ancestry.

Modern society up until recently only has us looking at ourselves from the surface. We end up taking that for what it's worth and form a hollow shell of self consciousness. We end up still feeling empty, and even worthless at times even though you have built this image of self-love.

So what then? Those times that we are alone we feel everything so deeply. We know that there is "Something More", and we just can't figure it out. It's a true awakening when you end up really looking into the past of your ancestors, for how many races you have within you. The plight of your people should be taken into account, respected and then it should be honored. It is then in this "Awakening" that we can feel truly complete. When we look at how our ancestors thrived through times and evolve as a people. When we take into account the suppression and oppression that was placed upon them. We see it on how our young do not know what a "Taino Indian" really is. The history and folklore of it. The beauty that resides within our culture that makes us complete and gives us pride to know that "Our People Are Still Here", besides the fact that history books still say that we were eradicated. 

Some want to appropriate our culture in to mainstream modern life, when it fact it should just be as it is. A tradition of recognizing our past. a tradition to be love, respected, and past on to future generation in order for us not to forget our past. Then only then can we learn to appreciate ourselves as a whole. To understand the processes on how we do what we do, when we do it. Because this spirit that is living within us was built by all those ancestors that kept tradition, survived, and thrived throughout all these centuries. 

Honor them, as they Honor you by breathing life into your spirit. On then can you feel complete and whole.

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