Cremation in Taino culture #1

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Zenith Passage phenomenon

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Clinical research on shamanic journey

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Sharing American Indian/Indigenous News, Issues and Special Features

In 2000, I started my publication, My Two Beads Worth, on a free website host and then in 2001, I obtained a private host so I could do more and have more room. This is the 8th year of publication. It is non-profit and I will not accept donations or apply for grants for its publication costs. It's something I wanted to do in honor of my Ancestors and to give something back. I do all the work myself, so sometimes, the work involved can be somewhat overwhelming, but it's well worth it. I have learned and gained so much from people and the issues I've covered. My one hope is that what I have done is of equal value to the people. So, I thought I would share it here. I don't have any specific set time for publication - I work on "Indian Time," "grins" and this is the most recent update to the website from January 31, 2008. The links provided go to the reports listed. This is how I send the updates out to the list I have for subscribers and to others who have an interest in the publication. I hope that it will be found worthwhile to my Taino friends. ER

The links did not come through - but this can be found at:

All the reports for this date 1/31/2009 and other updates for the month of January can be found on this page. Archived news can be located here

there is a drop down menu box that lists each month dating back to 2004. I do have archived off the website updates which go back to 2000.

My Two Beads Worth Update - January 2009

January 31, 2009

Hate Crimes and Genocide

WSDP-Breaking news on Mt. Tenabo decision

Press Release from Leonard Peltier

Apache Women

Maine Tribal Representatives ~Maine State Legislature

Preserving a Nation

Dozens of People Protest Against Carpinteria High School Mascot

Fourteen years later, I'm Still Here - and So Are We - Kevin Annette

American Indian inmates fight state prisons' hair-length policy

American Indians could reap almost $3 billion in stimulas

Ancient gravestones lead to burial mound discovery in Lakeville, MA

60 Minutes Under Attack for Truthful Reporting

Ground Search Underway for Little Light family

Tribal Attempt to beat Nevada Gold Mine Fails in Court

Future of the Red Man

Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act of 2009

SOS from the Amazon

Shedding light on the dark side of casinos

State delays Indian reburial in Putman

Star Quilt for Black Eagle

Yuman Family Language

1975 AIM slaying trial delayed again

Statement by Leonard Peltier

The Mixed Blood of the Indian Explained

There's An Indian in the Livingroom


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