The Maya experience is one of the select & preparatory primers for the psyche (for Ayahuasca) delivered via a "multi-sensory promise in a box". 

Sensik is actually a sensory reality pod to sit in & totally immerse in a mixed and virtual experience, augmenting headset visuals w/a set of exterior wind, light, scent, heat, haptics sense simulators - or, as founder Fred Galstaun puts it, "full sensory symphonies."  

THE SENSORY REALITY POD (SRP) synchronizes audio-visual and vibro-acoustics (haptics) with scent, temperature, air flow, taste and light frequencies.

By stimulating all senses simultaneously and enmeshing them as a biometric harmonious integral, holistic experience*, your brain is engaged to develop, formulate and retinue these experiences in a cascade of sensory sensations throughout your body.

The SRP is a multi-sensory experience cabin, accompanied by a portable platform for really feeling as if you are sensorially immersed in the experience.

*Shown above: image on left Sensik's Mayan Experience 

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