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At 4:07am on January 3, 2009, Juan Almonte said…
Forgot the most famous tain word used. Barbeque.
At 4:04am on January 3, 2009, Juan Almonte said…
If you notice I always say so called hispanic. Cause there is no such thing. I will only refer to latin american to brake things down. But there is no such thing as latin america eighter.

When you get a chance look up the word hispanic. In the dictionary it was changed as people, culture or thing of spain. I dont ever let anyone call me hispanic.

Belive it or not there are many taino words still in use especially in the mountai areas of DR. But even in the rest of the populatin you will see some words and even in english example, hamock, potatoe, tomatoe, canoe, manati, tabaco, hurricane there are few others. There are also places in what is not called USA that have native american names from other tribes. Like seattle, chicago etc etc etc.
At 3:47am on January 3, 2009, Juan Almonte said…
I will post here to clear things up.

Oh I see where you are confused.

Native american, american indian, amerdians, idigenous are the same thing.

Cherokee, inuet, taino, carib, mayan, inca, navajo are all indians. The are pre columbus people the orignal people of this continent. We the taino and caribs that you are talking to via these post are deccendants of these people. We are ameridian, native americans, indigenous etc etc

I hope that clarify.

The problem is that you probably are under the impression like everybody else that the border of the USA is the start and end of this continent. It not your foult this is what many people belive. But all indigneous people of this continent are related. We are but one family.
At 3:37am on January 3, 2009, Juan Almonte said…
Also see where I posted in the discustion it may clear some stuff up.
At 3:36am on January 3, 2009, Juan Almonte said…
LOL, sweety you did not offend me. I was just commenting on it.

I would clasify you as a euro american. Just like some people in argentina who are european deccendanst. I call them euro american too. But yes your area caucasion woman.

If you husband is the three race then yes he is triracial. With that said. Just cause we think you mother in law look indian doesnt me so. I would have to see her in person. Like I stated earlier many african american claimed indian ancestroy. After dna was done only 1 of 20 actually had some native ancestory.

As per the uncle with the light skin and colored eyes. If thy were hazel I would not base it on being euroepean eyes. There are non-caucasion with no admixture who have those type of colored eyes. The light skin mean nothing eighter. There are black african in africa who have no admixture an some can be pretty light.

As per spanish. Maybe she has it. Maybe she is part african and part spanish with no indian blood. Its possible too. I dont know. But from the picture she does show ameridian ancestory. But with that said remember what I told you in a post. There are african american who said they grand mother had straight hair and look native american. But when dna was done it showed zero. On top of that in dominican rep the taino population is very small only 15% So she maybe right an not have any. In my family I was thought that we were indians. My grandparents on both side of my family had taino names and middle names. But the last name were spanish. But that has to do with the colonization period. We even found records of my family being indian slave owned by the spanriods. Once my family goes to DR I will ask for a copy and and uplaod it here.
At 3:13am on January 3, 2009, Juan Almonte said…
Yes and no.

Like I said the label hispanic was created in the mid 60's. So what where we before then. See my point. Its a made up race, based on liguestic.

Before we were dominican, puerto rican and cubans. Pre columbus. We were cubankan aka cuba, boriken aka puerto rico, kiskeya aka DR or hispaniola. But in these island you have native people called taino who lived in these island. We also live in the lower tip of florida (orignal name bimini) But if you want to idify as domnican thats cool too. But keep in mind that being dominican is a nationality. Not my race. I am indigenous. There are other races in DR and some yes can be biracial.

The name america came from america vesuti or vesucci (forgot correct spelling) My indian ancestros live in the americas before it was called that. So we are neigther america. But what to call ourselfs.

You wrote "the way there really is no "American" because in the Americas so many people came from other we should identify ourselves as our original countries..."

No thats not what I meant. There were people in this continent. Native people. My ancestors being one of them. To know negate them is not only a offence to me and present day deccendants but to our ancestors who went threw the worst holocust.

Like I said. It not wrong with saying your dominican. That is the country that he comes from in this western hemisphere. But to call dominican a race just like hispanic and latino is a mistake. There are dominican who are caucasion, arab blacks, asian and taino. Many diffrent races. Just like the rest of this continent.
At 2:17am on January 3, 2009, Juan Almonte said…
OK, let me also know what you think of my post.

I am trying to keep the anthropolgical stuff as simple as possible. But the clip and my post on your discustion should explain why there really is no latino/hispanic race. Its made up. Many people belive this is how the indigneous part of the so called hispanic population have been robed of ther birth right. Also keep in mind that europeans with no admixture live in central and south american and they are called latino/hispanic. Including other races.
At 2:10am on January 3, 2009, Juan Almonte said…
Let me know if you have any question on my page or on the discustion you started.
At 2:07am on January 3, 2009, Juan Almonte said…
Look at this clip I found a while back it does a more or less job explaing what I am trying to tell you.

Let me know what you think.

Keep in mind that in the dominican rep. You have people who are arabs, asians, white, black, native aemrican like me and we are all called hispanic.

With that said you will have some who are maybe an admixture of two or three races. But I am sure you undestand my point.
At 1:31am on January 3, 2009, Juan Almonte said…
LOL, very wiered.

Hey I use to live on sutter and mother gaston. I think they might have change the mother gaston name now. Is there the area more or less that your husband lived by.

My daughter live close to the a train. I think the stop is 44st.
At 9:02pm on January 2, 2009, Juan Almonte said…
I am sure I seen it but didnt notice the name of the place.

Weired, I actually live in east new york for about 5yo in the mid 90's when I was living with the mother of my daughter. Now my daughter lives with her mom in far rockaway. Very weired. But my parents been in corona for years. After we broke I moved back to corona.

Lived in DR for about 3 1/2 years when I was 9yo. Before that we had spend 3 month here there. One time before that 6months.
At 8:19pm on January 2, 2009, Juan Almonte said…
There are few there. Is la brisa the one next to the supermarket as you walking towards the train.

There are few dominican resturants all very good. Is you husband from the corona area.
At 3:32pm on January 1, 2009, Juan Almonte said…
Thanx for your frienship request. Have a great new years.


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