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At 4:33pm on September 2, 2008, Amoi Foerstel said…
Hey Dear,

Yes i am currently residing in the U.S Virgin islands, but i was born in the lovely island of Dominica. I am not sure if there are any Carib or Tainos living here, there might be, but some people don't like to be identify to these groups.

At 9:32pm on August 25, 2008, Arenahi said…
Hi Amoi (by the way have I ever told you I like your name?). Just wondering where you are and waving hello. :)
At 12:16am on August 14, 2008, Keiahani said…
Yeah, I have been there myself, there are tons of Taino groups in PR also in the United States.
At 7:20am on August 13, 2008, Pernilla Hultberg said…
Hallo again!
Where in the Reserve are you and your family from? I spent most of my time in the northern parts (Bataka, Salibya), since I was staying there.
I'll get back soon with a list of questions :-)
Have a nice day!
At 10:54pm on August 12, 2008, Maximilian Forte said…
Hello and welcome Amoi! Along with Josh Torres, I am the sometimes present co-admin for the network, so if you ever run into any difficulties in using this site, please let either of us know. It's great to have you in this network and I hope you find it beneficial and can make good use of it.

Very best wishes and a warm welcome.
At 6:10pm on August 12, 2008, Arenahi said…
Tiyamatinu biyawahë! Your pictures are beautiful!
At 4:36pm on August 12, 2008, Keiahani said…
Thanks for the add, welcome to the icn, hope to learn as much from you as i can

take care, brooke
At 7:07am on August 12, 2008, Pernilla Hultberg said…
Hi Amoi!
I am a social anthropolog from Sweden. I spent a couple of months in Dominica in spring 2000, conducting a field work financed by the Swedish Developmental Agency, focusing on tourism developments in Dominica, and especially in the Carib Reserve.
I was not able to find a place to stay within the Reserve, but stayed on “the boarder” in the Concord-area, where at least half of the population is of Carib ancestry.

I wrote a rapport when I returned home, but I have just taken up the subject and I will finish my master degree soon.
I had many Carib informants back in 2000, but I have lost contact with them. I interviewed the chief and other spokespersons for the group, but my big interest was (and is) to speak to the average Caribs and hear about their experiences and thoughts about the future.
Do you think you can help me with some of my questions? Or can you help me to get in contact with other Caribs living in the Reserve?

And as far as the history books go here in Sweden/Europe, there is a big confusion about the cannibal concept. There is (almost) no saying that the Caribs were cannibals – perhaps they are/were to few to pay attention to – but unfortunately one can read about indigenous groups in south America and get the impression that they were (are?) savages who ate their enemies.
Fortunately most of us know better and have a critical mind, even at a young age. :-)
At 5:57pm on August 5, 2008, Arenahi said…
Takahi, ita biyá! Hi, how are you? You are welcome to join the Language Group if you want to learn a bit of the language.
At 3:26pm on August 5, 2008, Amoi Foerstel said…
Thank you carrie for welcoming me. I am very delighted to be able to share my culture with others
At 2:39pm on August 5, 2008, adem medina cardona said…
welcome to the indigenous caribbean network. peace~c
At 2:21pm on August 5, 2008, Caracoli said…
Welcome to our Caribbean network. I hope you can share your culture with us hear.

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