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Ruban Blades paints a spectacular image of the Orinoco River rain forest in this landmark song that tell the story of an entrepreneurial Indigenous merchant who illegally sells goods from the outside world to the residents of an isolated village deep in the Jungle. The residents of the village are a mix of settlers of Indigenous, and European and African heritage who yearn for anything from civilization, and spend all their money to get what the traveling merchant has brought them.

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Comment by Miguel Sague Jr on February 27, 2018 at 5:26pm


Sobre el fangoso Orinoco, (Along the muddy Orinoco)
un bote va resbalando, (A boat slowly slides along)
y un indio, firme en el remo, (An Indian paddles firmly)
transporta su contrabando. (Transporting his contraband)
El mono chilla en la selva. (A monkey screams in the jungle)
Caimán vigila en la orilla. (A crocodile watches from the shore)
El indio rema pensando, (The Indian thinks to himself)
- 'qué tierra de maravilla' (as he paddles along "What a land of wonders!")
¡Camino verde, tan ancho como el mar! (Great Green Path, as wide as the sea!)
En donde el hombre se pierde (where a man can become hoplessly lost)
si no sabe regresar. (If he does not know the way home)
¡Camino verde, conozco tu verdad! (Great Green Path, I know your truth)
El que no busca se muere, sin encontrar.(He who does not bother to seek will die without ever finding it)

Carga cerveza importada. (He carries imported beer)
Trae veinte pantys franceses. (Twenty French panties))
Trae Marlboro americano (He carries American Marlboro cigarretes)
y tres radios japoneses. (and three radios made in Japan)
Mentolatum y chingongo. (Mentholatum brand ointment and bubble gum)
Collares de fantasía. (costume jewelry necklaces)
Postales del Papa de Roma. (postcards of the Pope)
Seis 'Play Boys' y baterías. (Six Playboy magazines and batteries)
Jaguar bebe agua de río. (a jaguar drinks from the river)
Mariposa pinta al viento. (a butterfly paints the wind with its colors)
Aparece un caserío. (suddenly a settlement appears in the distance)
Ladra un perro, monte adentro. (a stray mutt begins to bark on the shore)

Solo Trombón

Vinieron los guerrilleros. (All the village warriors hurry down to the river bank)
El sacristán y el Alcalde, (Along with the village priest and the mayor)
y toda la gente del pueblo (And just about everybody esle in the village)
que tiene con qué pagarle. (That has any money with which to pay)
Acabó la compra y venta. (The buying and the selling goes quickly)
Se fue el bote con la tarde. (At the end the boat leaves along with the evening sun)
Enredado entre la selva (It fades away into the jungle)
queda el canto alucinante. (All that is left of him is a hallucinogenic song)
A la la la la....
(Camino Verde) (Great Green Path, as wide as the sea!)
¨la la la la (where a man can become hoplessly lost)
(Camino Verde)
En donde el hombre se pierde.
(Camino Verde)
Si no sabe regresar.
(Camino Verde)
El que no busca se muere.
(Camino Verde)
Se muere sin encontrar.
(Camino Verde)


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