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A giant statue of Christopher Columbus has found a new home in PR

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico

Statue.php#> : A giant statue of Christopher Columbus has found a home
after years of sitting in pieces in a park in the Puerto Rican city of

The city paid US$2.4 million to bring the 310-foot statue to Puerto Rico
ten years ago, but then couldn't raise the extra cash needed to erect

Now, Catano Mayor Wilson Soto says port management company the Holland
Group has agreed to take the disassembled, bronze and steel statue off
his hands.

The company plans to install it in the western city of Mayaguez, where
it runs the port. The town is set host the Central American and
Caribbean Games in July 2010.

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Oh Boy!! the struggle continues. The legacy of Colombus does not go away.
you have got to be kiding me!
2.4 million dollars that could have been spent educating our children is wasted on paying tribute to the conqueror?
i wonder how many computers that would have bought?
my head hurts!
What has been the response of the Puerto Rican people?
Hey Keisha

That statue has been in boxes for 10 years. People protested then, now it resurfaces.
the statue of cristobal in san juan was decorated with a sign that said something like "thank you for honoring me for the killing, raping and destroying of your land!''
that was from the movijobo group last colunbus day!
Well its still sad to see that we are still facing men who have murdered hundreds upon thousands of people being honored while our taino burial grounds are being run over and artifacts stolen. While there is no money for a facility to house these precious artifacts.
no money?
those politicos had enough money 2.4 million for a statue!!!
The institute of culture has no facility to house artifacts that have been recently excavated. Thats the excuse that was used when the US Corps of Army Engineers took a multitude of boxes of Taino Artifacts from the newly discovered Taino Burial ground in Ponce, PR.

The ICP says it would cost 570,000 a year

Meanwhile the artifacts are in georgia


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