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For people who have lived in more than one country or for people who have grown up between cultures, where is it that you feel most welcome?

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ah, thank you for your comment. i have been writing a bit about the damage to la isla. it destroys our souls when we destroy the land. how are we to feel welcome in a place that we or others have destroyed??? i have never felt more at home than in the central mountains of PR camping, hiking, kayaking, meditating. it is where i have discovered you truly can be free.
I envy you!-I am glad for you! living in the mountains of Puerto Rico!I live in the Mountains too-but it's cold herein the winter,and as beautiful as it is-it truly is,it is NOT at all like the Tropics!-the blue water..ah...I love it!my aunt lived in P.R.-they are Cuban and The Pepsie Cola company asked my uncle to move there-so he did,they "hooked him up".I loved it there.Also,there are no bears there,here there are,and camping...hum..,I've been pretty close to them!I don't camp anymore!They've learned to open car doors now too,which they open like opening a can of sardines!
i have been close enough to touch deer, baracuda, iguana, dozens of birds who dont know better to stay away... but bears?
no thank you
I will respect them from afar!
What,are we all Night owls here!I have been trying unsuccessfully to go to bed earlier-but my Totem is"Mucaro"-owl!!!what can I do?What's your excuse?
insomnia and computer addiction!
it took a great deal of 'doing' so long ago to make that uncomfortable feeling in you and many many others today
I know i do not have to give explanation of that to you, for we are both intimately familiar with that.
i am amazed at how well it did NOT work
are we not all here?
case in point~peace&luv~c


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