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A good conversation

Today I had a good conversation with my best friend and my worst enemy (myself). I would like to share this conversation with you.
I asked myself if I had it all to do over again what would I change. This caused me to think long and hard. My answer to this question was I wouldn't change anything. All of a sudden many thoughts entered into my mind. Your family was dirt poor when you were growing up. You wouldn't change that? No, because growing up dirt poor I learned to appreciate what I do have and if I ever get to that place again I will know how to survive with what I do have.
Yeah! but you went off to war. You fought and was injured on the battlefield. You wouldn't change that? No, I wouldn't change that because everything that I have done in this life makes me the person that I am today. On the battlefield I learned true heroism and sacrifice. I learned to think and act under pressure. I learned how to cry and I learned the power of prayer. But you killed people on the battlefield. True but I also saved lives on the battlefield. I learned that I have the power to take a life and to save a life. I learned that I am responsible for my decisions.
You were in prison. You mean to tell me you wouldn't change that. No, because I learned that although you can lock my body up you can't lock up my mind, my heart or my soul. I learned that even in prison you can still be free.
What about when you were a well known gang member. Wouldn't you change that? Life as a gang member taught me self-preservation and street smarts. I wouldn't change that.
Well I got you now. You had your first professional fight lined up. Your dream was to be a world champion but in your last amateur fight you paralyzed your friend in the ring and quit boxing. Surely you would change that. Although I regret what happened (I regret a lot of things I have done) that is a part of the boxing world. I would not change anything. I would of still boxed him and I still would of fought to win. I missed out on my dream of being a world champion but today I have been given the opportunity to help many people dream and I get to help them see that they accomplish their dreams. Through my many regrets I have learned to think thoroughly before I act so that I do not have anymore regrets. The conversation was over and I felt so much peace in my heart.
Written by Bear Warrior

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Very cool.

I have had several conversations like this one with myself.

Thanks for sharing this :)



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