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Is there any known version or variant in the Taino traditions similar to baptisms, blessings or naming ceremonies performed on our people at birth, or at any later date in life?

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There was! From what I could find on the topic, the Taino had something called Guatiao, which would be, in general, a naming ceremony.
However, what I found of it was that is was to name adopted children, sort of like publicly claiming that you were adopting this one child.
Hope this helps!
Thank you very much! It certainly does help! I appreciate your reply. However I am looking for something similar to a baptism. I’ve recently become pregnant and was wondering if our traditions had an equivalent to baptisms so I could partake in it with my newborn. Since baptisms are usually performed on babies, by ministers of the religion, with specific rites and rituals the family participates in, I was hoping we had something similar to that. Thank you again for the reply!

We have several Behiques, which are our Taino spiritual leaders. 

In fact our Caney Indigenous Spiritual Circle has behikes (spiritual guides that Dayvanna referred to) who have in the past celebrated special newborn baby ceremonies that in a way are comparable to a baptism. I will be happy to direct you to the right person for a discussion of this topic. 

I would very much appreciate being directed to whomever can provide more information on the topic. I would love to learn! I am looking forward to maybe partaking in a ceremony for a newborn baby.


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