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Taino Ti my friends:
How amazing is it to capture a photograph of a Blue Heron standing in a pond at a cemetary in Des Moines, Iowa. I was lucky today because I had my friend "the camera" with me and That beautiful bird allowed me to take picture after picture!
Last year I was privilleged to visit Puerto Rico and was fortunate to visit the sacret land of Caguana. There I saw several large arenas with stones surrounding them. And most of the stones had carvings. One in particular was a carving of a bird which I believe represents the Heron.
Miguel, Could you please explain the importance (if any) of the Heron in the Taino culture?

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Takahi (greetings) Maria... I live in Puerto Rico and have been to Caguana many, many times. From what I understand, that bird that you noticed is said to be a heron but it is what is known locally as a "Night Heron" or Yaboa (EE-ah-bo-ah). From what I have learned from the elders is that the heron and water birds are sacred to our people because of our connection to the sea...

These birds connect the sky world, the sea world, and the land. Sea birds helped our ancient ancestors while they were out at sea as they used they for signs of land, to locate schools of fish, etc.

They are a good relative and should be honored - at least that is how I learned it.

Takahi Roger and Thank You. It is such a beautiful bird and I can spend hours watching him. I can understand why it is considered a sacred bird to your people. I will be in Puerto Rico this coming weekend and hope to get to visit Caguana again. Thank you again Roger.



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