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What are your thoughts on federal recognition for the Taino people?

Why is this important or unimportant? What do you expect it to add to the Taino Nation as a whole?

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I don't agree here, no matter what the Government wants to say that won't change what I have flowing through my veins.

I want Federal recognition yesterday. As I understand it and you correct me if I am wrong but I believe the main reason the Taino people are not being recognized was because of the assumption the government had that all Tainos were dead at least that was what historians thought until recently. When the genetic code was cracked. As I understand it there were test made throughout Puerto Rico and they found that indeed some how Tainos survived.
We need to start this process, I want to be a free man and waivers are being done to others that suffered. I am not asking for special treatment, I am asking to give me my rights to be free from government intrusion. I came here because I found out through DNA that I have Indigenous blood in me, more importantly to me I am now a Native American. I must have gotten it through my father who came from these islands. His blood runs through me; you have to understand I didn't expect to see that.

Let's not leave this here, I would appreciate those that started the process to let me know where you are at at this time. This for me is no time to walk, I see light now at the end of the tunnel because of how I understand it. They thought we were dead but we now understand it to be that a people with a history from the Americas are alive and well. What a storyline, the government thought we were all slaughtered and there were no more Tainos, to their surprise they now know they live.

Let's remember government cannot discriminate, we now have a history of surviving, a holocaust happened in these islands and thanks to DNA testing we now know our Fathers survived it.

My brother Gerardo I can understand your passion and the motivation for your opinion but there are some important facts about the process of federal recognition of an Indian tribe in the United states that have to be taken into consideration to understand our status as Tainos. The original laws that govern federal recognition of Indian tribes were created to apply only to Indigenous people living in the 49 states of North America. They were never meant to be applied to Native people of any other part of the United States (which is the reason why Hawaiian Natives are not recognized as a federally recognized Indian tribe). Even though it is now clear that there are people that can be legitimately called Taino Indians in the United States this tribe can not received federal recognition because its original home region is not part of the original geographic area that was taken into consideration when the first federal recognition laws went into effect. That is why I don't believe Tainos will ever be officially accepted as a United States federally recognized tribe.

Please don't give up that easy.  There is a way, all presidents who sit in office want Puerto Rico to become a State.  We can always demand as a condition that those that are Puerto Rican and have Tainos through DNA  where ever they are should be recognized and exempt like all the rest of the Native Americans.  

It is clear that any said group that come from some time of "Indian" "Native" origins will never be seen as a people. Till recently our brothers and sisters in the West are still in reservations and living in poverty. We are still looked down on and stigmatized. What we have to do is continue to stay in the for front and keep reminding them of the havoc their ancestors reaped on our fathers. Anytime there is a rally, a law passed, even if it does not involve us, we must show support to show that we are here and were are here to stay. It just seems like a lot of foot work but I am sure we can rally even if it is one person representing our group it will show and bring us forward. Maybe enough for us to be recognized in the future. We have those in the entertainment business doing our brothers and sisters right. Props to Johnny Depp for giving back lands to them. Maybe that is what we need to get recognized, a celebrity? 

Borikén/Puerto Rico (UCTP Taino News) - The 2010 U.S. Census count for Borikén (Puerto Rico) had some significant surprises. The census reveals a 48.8 percent gain over the last 2000 census in the American Indian category, which is a verifiable resurgence of indigenous affirmation among families on the island. With DNA research documenting the continuation of the pre-Colombian indigenous Taino gene-pool and the increasing visibility of active Taino community organizations and cultural manifestations – the myth of extinction is finally being dispelled.

The Director of the United Confederation of Taino People's Borikén Liaison Office, Roger Guayakan Hernandez attributes the increase in the census count to expansion of information and communications technologies available today.

"We have always been here but recently there has been an explosion of pertinent information regarding Borikén's indigenous heritage. The difference is that now there are more ways to get the information to the people" stated Hernandez.

Hernandez noted that the Confederation, an official Census partner, used the increased focus on Taino heritage as well as new technologies like social networks in its campaign to raise awareness about the census process.

With the 2010 U.S. Census counting 19,839 individuals living in Puerto Rico officially claiming American Indian heritage, the Taino community is indeed becoming visible after two centuries of near invisibility.

Hernandez continued stating that "the whole chapter on the Caribbean's Amerindian history is being reexamined and supports the affirmation of indigenous descendant families on and even off the island".

A 1790 Puerto Rican Census count in an area called "Las Indieras" documented fewer than 3,000 `Indios (Indians)' on the western side of the island. Since then, with official census terminology changing to discount the indigenous population, a reversal has taken place revealing how Taino families see themselves in the 21st Century.

"Colonial history may have counted us out in Puerto Rico, but today the Taino People have clearly counted ourselves back in" declared Hernandez.

UCTPTN 03.28.2011

This is just too funny. :)

recognition is the least of our worries but heres what it means to me.
the U.S. and Spain in my eyes will have to disclose more bad history on its part of another group of ppl.truth will set u free :].for the time being ppl obey the government and the crap it feeds so if we can gain recognition-the faster the better.
as for benefits-keep'em.i want nothing from governments born through racsim,hate and murder.,these are people who defected from their own government solely for power-and they got it.its high time we give them the boot.

cons i worry about:
what of our island ? look what the spanish and U.S.s done to it,common wealth means one thing to me-these ppl are moochers.

theres no pride,just hate.theres an angry divide in our ppl and the conquerers are at fault. few accept their mixed backgrounds and fewer still know of it.
and ill be damned if anyone thinks their gonna put me on a reservation on my own island.did anyone think the gov.s would give p.r. back ?

maybe im alone on this one,the U.S. government is the worst thing to happen to the indian.and it will continue to be so.but then i occupy wall st. iv been getting my face beat on by bloombergs cops fer the past 2 months excuse me if i dislike them lol.

maybe im a naturist or w.e they call it,but all i want is for my people to be able to live on our island the way we want.i for one miss grandmas mountain,its been years.i want to be able to revive the fields their.

and i DONT need a racist,unequil,lieing,corptopic and overbearing government to tell me when,where,how i can.

our biggest struggle is back home.not with the u.s. our people need educating and awakening :/

  I I truely agree with you on our biggest strugle is back at home on educating and awakening our people and the future generation to follow. We all have a really big problem that we also need to talk and focus on and raise a discussion. DRUGS-- It's killing our people and their children and and our future generation to follow. Many of the youths are killing one another for the greed of materialism, not putting any value on life. In Puerto Rico we are all brothers and sisters and It really tears me apart to see and hear on the news of the chaos that's spreading across our beatiful island. We also need to focus on educating our youths on the value of how precious life really is and not to take it for granted of being alive. It is truely a very special gift from our creator to be alive. We are all spirit beings in a material body and, hear for a very short while. We must instill in our youth the value of life, love and responsibility. Drugs are creating chaos all over the Island, It truly hurts to see our chidren killing each other.

It truly is a sad thing.  I was lucky enough to go back to my Dad's birthplace a few times, but I have been raised to be ashamed of my roots in PR.  My family there is amazing.  They treated us like family without even knowing us (long story of a family seperation).  The country is absolutely gorgeous, what is left of the original forrests.  The government is thrilled that the children are falling into crime and drugs.  No one to think for themselves, or fight back :-(.  I speak miniscule amounts of anything resembling Spanish, because I was not allowed to learn.  I actually know more Tsalagi beause we adopted a non-registered Cherokee child.  I have been drawn to my roots for a long time, but ignored them until I started researching my child's history.  Then I found out that Taino people are still around, contrary to those horrible history books.  I offer whatever help I can, but I must learn my own history before I pass on anything that would seem less than ignorant at this moment in time. 

I believe that eventually the Federal Recognition system, will be replaced with the UN Decoration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which after voting against the United States has finally signed and adopted. This declaration changes everything, and also allows for the rejuvenation of peoples who have already been assimilated, that wish to live according to their traditions. The UN Declaration known as DRIPS may not have held much ground in the US, while the formal stance was in opposition to the deceleration, however now that the US has signed it, there is hope for an International Body and system that will replace the Federal Recognition System. 

Han Han Natiao for your insight.

Senko Kakona, Naboria Daka.

It doesn't matter, you guys can do whatever you want.


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