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Focus like an Eagle
The Eagle flies high up in the air with a focus and determination. Her goal is to feed her young. Her mind is focused on what she must do as her eyes search the ground below searching for prey. She does not allow anything to distract her or enter her mind that will draw her attention away from accomplishing the task at hand. She knows what she must do and nothing will stop her from doing it. The Eagle is known as the leader that sits at the head of the Bird Council. She sees her prey and swoops down with a precision and accuracy that is hard to match. She catches her prey and flies away to feed her young. In the same way if we are going to accomplish anything in life our minds must be focused on what must be done. Our eyes must be focused on the goal. We must not let petty things draw our attention away from what we are doing and most importantly if what we are doing is to be worthwhile it must benefit others.
Written by Bear Warrior Nov. 17, 2006

My Pledge of Allegiance
I pledge allegiance to Creator and to the path Creator has put me on. I pledge allegiance to my family, to my ancestors who walked before me and to my future generations who will walk after me. I pledge to walk the way of the warrior, to protect those who need protection, to guide those who need guidance, and to help those who need my help. I pledge to be a man of honor and integrity and to do my part in making this world a better place to live. Aho.

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This is interesting because I was just chatting with a Peruvian trained medicine man who was telling me about the eagle/condor perspective, as opposed to that of Hummingbird, Jaguar and Anaconda.

It was an interesting conversation. The perspective of Anaconda is similar to that of mouse- in your face... very close. The Anaconda cannot perceive beyond what she can experience with her tongue and body senses (smell and vibration). Jaguar, with her hunting and tracking skills, represents the analytical perspective. Thoughts. The Hummingbird is the Heart and feeling perspective and the Eagle can see all from great heights- not only miles of vast distance, but the one lone mouse that just might be dinner...

I thought your sharing this today and my having this conversation yesterday was a pretty cool coincidence.

(BTW, I don't believe in coincidences... ;)



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