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Takaji Relatives,

 You are all invited to our next Areyto in July. 19th,20th,21st here in the Pocono Mountains Of Pennsylvania.  Bohike Miguel will again lead the Areyto for three days of dance, teachings, prayer.

 I have recently asked a few of our woman to be more active in the Areyto as far as planning and ideas. If any woman would like to be more involved please let us know.

 I would like to have a children and youth part of the Areyto were the parents play the music as our children and youth dance, we can honor them as our children this way. Possibly ask them to play for us as we dance. 

 More group dances to involve everyone, Everyone is welcome to dance, being Taino is not needed. we pray with everyone.

 May 25th full moon ceremony here in the Poconos, including a Guanara Kansi. Everyone is welcome and you can camp here overnight if you would like.

Guatu starts at 6pm, Full moon ceremony, honoring of Maroya,  Kansi to follow. A feast will be after the Guanara. This will be a late night purification so please have a plan for camping or a near by Motel.

Please Contact Akitchitay with any concerns or questions   570-982-9230

Taino Ti


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My brother

It is an honor to be invited to participate in this important event.

I look forward to these three sacred days.

Also Thank you so much for joining the Beike Lodge

Seneko Kakona


Bo Matum Bohike for inviting me. Do you suggest a place to learn about our Cemi's, is there information on any of your sites?  Hope all is well

                              Taino ti

All is well brother

there is a great deal of info already in the pages of the new Caney Circle Beike Lodge site.

Please access the beike lodge site by clicking this link and check out all of the information that I have uploaded there. I am constantly updating this info so it is important for you to visit the site and read as much as you can.

I also would love to set aside some time to talk on the phone or on Skype so we can discuss important elements of Caney Circle tradition.

Again thank you


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