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"God's chosen people (blond, blue eyed) were here in North America before the Indians. Our scriptures teach the truth. They came here first and some of them went south, both literally AND figuratively. They were sent south by God because they became disintegrated people, so God punished them and that is who the Mayan people are, disintegrated people." ~my neighbor said this in front of my son (pictured above) just before he left my house on noche buena.

I interrupted with, "Ok, that is enough. I have taken in just about enough of that." I followed up about 15 minutes later with a serious talk about racism to my son.

I have arrived in the USA after a serious financial crisis and on the eve of the election of Obama. It has been clear to me that racism in the USA is on the rise. I believe it is the increased competition for resources elevating the issue. No longer are people content with the old standard, "I am not racist, I am color blind." Essentially, I don’t see your color, so can't we just all be white?? Why is it that we have not learned from our past mistakes?

When will we learn to acknowledge and respect each other as part of the HUMAN race, a rich tapestry of culture and COLORS?

This 2009, celebrate our differences and make them a place where we can come together in peace and luv.

I challenge all of you to face these moments with peace and strength from within so that we are not drawn in to the violence. Stand strong, with hope and dignity.

Your sister~c

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I can tell you that guy must have been a mormon. I had a mormon tell me that native american were one of the lost tribes of isreal. Anthropolgy speaking that is not true.
I agree, though the word I would use is actually MORON!!!
there are many who stand behind their god, promoting racism, violence and genocide. regardless of what god they claim to be representing, it is my hope we can lead the way as peaceful, strong and dignified people. i look in to the eyes of my child, and his child, and i see no other way. none.~c
Taino Ti

What a Handsome young man.
I live in a Caribbean neighborhood (East Flatbush in Brooklyn NY) who's people have a shade of skin that is called today black. Its wonderfull to go to the supermarket and see Yuca, Yautia, Corn, Batata and mabi being sold there. If anything language seperates us from understanding each other but when it all comes down to it people are people. I love buying herbs from the Haitian lady that is sells on the sidewalk in front of the supermarket. She sold me some mabi bark, I was so happy to get it. We all have a common homeland, a common history, we're all human beings. Nobody bothers anybody based on the color of their skin in East Flatbush, I feel safe there, it is my home.

On another note I'm happy to hear from you, I miss your insight as I consider you a valuable human being to this network and to all who know you.

it is good to be back home here at icn
thank you~c
Nice to see you back sweety. Been a while since we havent seen your comments.
some men worship money, and that becomes their god
some men worship Jesus and he becomes their god
some men worship Alla and he becomes their god
some men worship (insert your choice here)

I do not worship any of the gods of men who claim their god has sent them in his name to kill another man.

yes, we seem to all have different gods

if we all worshiped the same god
that same god would have tired of all this by now and wiped out all of humanity i suspect

perhaps we are lucky then
yes, it is unfortunate that too many people choose ignorance over peace and luv for all of mankind. pehaps we can be part of the change that is needed to bring understanding, respect, integrity and dignity to all the peoples of our Earth.
Ruben what if instead of spaniords landing on the caribbean we would have landed in spain. Would have told you there is a godess by the name of atabey who had 4 sons. Your god only has one son and its garbage and lets brake and burn every cross and anything about you religions and force our relgion on you guys. That was done to us. (ofcourse I am leaving lots of details its was worst) Anyways there is nothing wrong with having diffrent gods. America was supposlly be that. But I guess in the fine print it said no indians included.

You wrote"You are angry, I understand
You are not able to forgive, I understand
You allways remember the Holocaust, I understand


LOL, I am not angry. I am trying to give you examples but I am using concreates.

Is not that I am able to forive or not. But it is not my place. Its not Mine, jorge, keisha, ray or anybody in this site to speak for our ancestors and say we forgive the colonizers. Yes, right now we are suffuring cause we were robbed of our roots, there fore we are lost. But no present day ameridian went threw what our ancestors went threw. I think I wrote this in a diffrnet discusstion. But anyways the only way I can see is if you have a time machine and go back in time and see one of my accenstors getting burned alive. You ask for forgiveness if he says its cool. Then its cool. See my point present day tainos, caribs or any other tribes does not have the right to forgive the colonizers for anything, anything at all.
HA!!! grasshopper you understand, LOL......................

Yes a bit complicated cause it was text and cause I happen to be the wost writer in the world, LOL........

But I see you understood my point............... Thank you.
Even though it hurts to know my ancestors went threw that. I personly didnt. So I or neighther any of the deccendants have the right ............

Ruben you understood compleatly.


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