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Indoantillean language survival among borikuas

Note  by: Huana Naboli Martínez, July 1, 2021.

It has been said that the native language of Boriken was lost, as native people were "exterminated". But, recent studies have probed that native people of Boriken survive and thrive till today, eventough they  had somewhat get mixed. Language was not an exception. So indigenois language survive beyond what was known or exposed before. It has been said that we boricuas do not talk a good spanish. But, as recent studies on ethnolinguistics has exposed,it looks that we boricuas do struggle with Spanish because we talk a mixture o castillean language with native language. That language struggling can be traduce also to a struggle with the Castillean grammar. Some time ago, I  presented a research on ethnolinguistics made in the island. The research exposed that many of what boricuas say in the actual time is indigenous language. Many words that we as borikuas talk, our way of speech, has an indigenous root. But, many of those words that are native language vocabulary was not consider even a language by the 'Academia de la Lengua Espanola', it was not Spanish nor a wrong way of talk. Studies have revealed that many of those words and wasy o speech are indigenous words and ways of talking. So people grew thinking they talk a bad version of castillean, when they were really talking indigenous language. I have been working on the etymology of more than 300 words, many of those were included in a book published in 2018. The book, "Códigos  Lingüísticos de la Chiba Borikua", include a series of essays about ethnolinguistics in the Archipelago known today as Puerto Rico, and a dictionary of words with etymology. It includes the analysis of words already known to be indoantillean, and of many words that were not recorded in any spaniard chronicles, and had not been identified as indigenous in previous dictionaries. I share this information here, as a start for a future discussion , which i titled: Indoantillean language survival among borikuas. I hope this note will motivate that discussion. We have more indigenous language among ourselves as boricuas than what have been said. We have a first etymological dictionary. We will work on another book o Grammar and a text for revitalizing the language. If any reader want additional information on the topic, you can contact me at .

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It should have said "ways of speech".

Thank you for this research. Please continue to share the wisdom that you discover as you keep up your studies

Thank you for posting this information, my relative. I am very interested in this topic. I look forward to hearing more about what your work reveals. Hahom!!


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