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Semign Cacona Guari guatiaos,
         It seems as if today many indigenous nations including our own Taino people have lost spirituality and inner peace. I have traveled to many indigenous territories and have seen this destruction time and time again, it really does break my heart. So one must ask how can one maintain a balanced scale of maintaing the old ways while managing the stress of everyday modern life?
The answer is simple we must rely on each other to keep the ball rolling so to speak. We as Taino people have affirmed we are still here yet we still have a long road ahead. Because our culture has been hidden and disguised for so long we have the difficult task of not only relearning the old ways of our yukayeques but we also have to make sure we pass it on to the next generation do they can say Daca Taino without
A doubt!!!! I have started my journey back home to the Taino nation at the age of 13 and I am learning everyday. I honestly believe some are chosen my the spirits of our ancestors. I applaud all of our Taino people who carry this burden and make a positive outcome. We must remember our valiant elders such as  Bo

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